Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General John B. Clark, 1st Division of Missouri Militia at Camp near Carrollton, MO to Generals Samuel D. Lucas, 4th division and David R. Atchison, 3rd Division ]
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                                                            Copy of letters to

                                                            Genl Atchison & Lucas

                                                            Nov 1st 1838

                                                            [The above inscription

                                                            is crossed out]

                                    Camp Near Carrolton Mdnight

                                                            Novr 1st 1838

Genls Atchison & Lucas


understanding two days Since while

at Chariton on my March that you

were at Richmond and was only

holding the Mormons in Check until

further orders which you sought

from the Commander in Chief

and having before then received orders

from the Commander in Chief with

plenery powers to settle this whole

difficulty and call to my aid such

force as I might deem necessary a

copy of which I sent you by express

per Capt Long but larning at this

place that you have proceeded to Far

West and hearing a report (not

officially) that some of the Mormons

have already surrendered to you Therefore

under My orders and in pursuance

of the [“only and proper” crossed out] power

assigned me I send you respectively

the following orders (viz) you are

to remain at some secure position in

the vicinity of Far West protecting the

Citizens & their property from the

aggressions of the Mormons until I

arrive with my force which will be by

tomorrow night amount [“ing” crossed out] to two

thousand but you are not to make

any attack or opperate offinsively

until I arrive when the plan

of adjustment suggisted by the

Commander in Chief and proposed



by Myself will be communicated

you must take steps if you have not

and if it be necessary to provison

your forces by foraging or otherwise

If you have any [“provision” crossed out] prisoners you

will Make no times with them [“to” erased] by

which they are to be discharged until

my arrival but preserv [“es” crossed out] them from

injury as prisoners  The Govr I have

[“learnt” crossed out] learned [“begin to” crossed out] this evening is on his

way up and will [“give” erased] join us

perhaps to-morrow

                        I will be able

to reach Far West in three more days

If Genl Willock has arrived at the

place he was ordered you will

direct him and also Genl Doniphan

to remain there until my arrival

for further orders observing their

original orders to prevent the retreat

of the Mormons to the north

            The express leaves immediately

and I cannot be more specific

you will both report to me im

mediately your Head Quarters

strength and position and such other

matters as tend to further the service

in which we are engaged my express

Messrs Scott Turner & Enyard you will

furnish with such necessaries as

they may need and much oblige me

                        I have the Honor

            To be your Obt Svt

            John B Clark Major Genl

                        1st Di M M