Electronic Notary 

Electronic Notary Registration Instructions

To register as an electronic notary public in the State of Missouri, you must already have been commissioned as a notary public by the Secretary of State. Email a completed application to Commissions@sos.mo.gov and notify the Secretary of State’s Business Services Division that you wish to register as an electronic notary public and specify an approved software.

Download the electronic notary application on our forms page.

Applicants will receive a confirmation email when the application has been processed and approved.

Approved Electronic Notary Search

To ensure a notary is approved to provide electronic notary services, search the list of electronic notaries public.

Approved Software to Conduct Electronic Notary

The Secretary of State’s Office will update the list of approved software providers as approvals are granted.  



If you have any questions about the electronic notary process, please email [email protected]