Administrative Rules


Administrative Rules publishes administrative rules and regulations. After the Legislature enacts laws, 187 Missouri agencies write rules and regulations to implement those laws. The secretary of state publishes the Missouri Register twice a month to keep Missourians informed of pending rules and regulations.

The Missouri Register contains proposed rulemakings, which will not become effective until Missouri citizens have an opportunity to attend a public hearing, or submit written comments. All state agencies must, in subsequent editions of the Register, publish a summary of comments and the agency's changes to the rulemakings, if any.

After the rules have been adopted, they are codified and printed in the Code of State Regulations. These rules become effective 30 days after publication in Code. Emergency rulemakings, which are only valid for a specified time period are also published in the Register. The Register also contains an index, listing rule numbers with changes pending and a table of emergency rulemakings currently in effect.

The Code of State Regulations is a 14-volume, loose-leaf printed set that is updated monthly. A subject index, as well as a cross-index to the Revised Statutes of Missouri and the corresponding rules is part of the Code. Both Code and Register are available in printed format or on the Internet.

Additionally, Administrative Rules is charged by statute to set uniform standards, procedures and guidelines for the preparation and publishing of rules and regulations in the Register and the Code. This section also publishes "Rulemaking 1-2-3, Missouri Style" which is designed as a user's guide for rule preparation.