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1847 The Legislature Acts

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1844: Governor Marmaduke's Proposal

1847: The Legislature Acts

1861-1865: Civil War Years

1890-1907: Struggle for Control

1945: The End of Patronage

1970 To The Present: De-institutionalization

1847: The Legislature Acts

Acknowledging that the current state law that confined the mentally ill to county jails, along with thieves, murderers and other criminals, was undesirable, the Senate in January 1845 authorized the state to borrow $30,000 to erect an asylum. Not until February 1847, after rejecting appeals to locate the facility in St. Louis, did the legislature finally authorize construction in one of eight mid-Missouri counties: Boone, Callaway, Chariton, Cole, Cooper, Howard, Moniteau or Saline.

Senate Bill # 89, A Bill To Establish An Asylum for the Insane, 14th General Assembly, approved February 16, 1847.

The original copy of this bill was partially burned in the Missouri State Capitol fire of February 5, 1911.

A Bill To Establish An Asylum for the Insane, 1847.
Missouri State Archives

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