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Harry S Truman Fiftieth Election Anniversary 1948-1998
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Inauguration Day

Contributed by Mary Alice Sigillito Redmon

My sister, Rose Sigillito, and I, Mary Alice Sigillito Redmon, are natives of Washington, D.C., who are now living in Missouri. When we were at home in Washington, we attended various events, such as FDR's funeral procession, inaugural parades, etc. One of the inaugural parades we saw was President Truman's in January 1949. We remember how robust and tan he was. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he was smiling broadly. No doubt he was thinking of the recent election during which he fooled all the pollsters and handily defeated Gov. Dewey!

Missouri Float in Inaugural Parade
photo of Missouri float in the Inaugural Parade

Contributed by William G. Armstrong

Helen and Jim and I [Louise Grant Smith] went to Washington for the inauguration festivities. It was so cold on the morning of the parade that we watched it from the lobby of the Willard hotel. All the beautiful floats had aboard young people in gay costumes.

Lamar, Missouri (Truman's birthplace) Float in the Inaugural Parade
photo of Lamar, Missouri float in the Inaugural Parade

Harry S. Truman takes the oath of office - January 20, 1949
photo of Truman taking the oath of office