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Timeline of Missouri History: 1673-1799

1673 During their voyage down the Mississippi River, Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet were the first Europeans to set foot on land that would later become Missouri
1682 Explorer Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle took possession of the Louisiana Territory area for France (Apr. 9)

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1724 Fort Orleans built on the north bank of the Missouri River by Etienne de Bourgmont in today’s Carroll County; it was abandoned six years later
1750 Approximate date of the founding of Ste. Genevieve, the first permanent white settlement
1762 Spain gained control of the Louisiana Territory in the Treaty of Fontainebleau (Nov. 13)
1764 City of St. Louis was founded by Pierre Laclede Liguest (Feb. 15)
1769 City of St. Charles was established by Louis Blanchette as a trading post
1770 The Spanish government officially assumed control of the Territory of Louisiana (May 20)
1773 Mine au Breton (later Potosi) founded
1789 Colonel George Morgan established the city of New Madrid (Feb. 14)
1793 Louis Lorimer received trading privileges and authority to establish a post at Cape Girardeau (Jan. 4)
1798 Lieutenant Governor Zenon Trudeau of the Spanish government offered Daniel Boone 1000 arpents to settle in the Louisiana Territory

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