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Timeline of Missouri History: 1930-1949

1931 A bill creating the Missouri State Highway Patrol was signed by Governor Henry S. Caulfield (Apr. 24)
1931 Bagnell Dam was completed, forming the Lake of the Ozarks, one of the largest artificial lakes in the world with approximately 1400 miles of shoreline Harry Truman and Winston Churchill
President Truman and Winston Churchill in Fulton, Mo., 1945
Gerald Massie Collection
1933 William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art, was opened to the public in Kansas City
1936 Thomas Hart Benton painted A Social History of Missouri in the State Capitol Building's House Lounge
1937 The first Missouri Conservation Commission was appointed (Jul. 1)
1938 The United States Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Lloyd Gaines case. The court struck a blow to Missouri’s "separate but equal" laws, stating that in the absence of an equal law school for black students, Gaines should be admitted to the University of Missouri law school (Dec. 12)
1939 Kansas City "Boss" Tom Pendergast was sentenced to fifteen months in the federal penitentiary for income tax evasion (May 22)
1939 The McDonnell Aircraft Corporation was organized by J.S. McDonnell; it merged with Douglas to form McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation in 1967
1940 The Ellis Fischel State Cancer Center was opened in Columbia, becoming the first state-owned and operated hospital west of the Mississippi River devoted exclusively to the care of cancer patients
1945 The Missouri Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Kraemer v. Shelley St. Louis housing segregation case
1945 Missouri’s fourth, and current, Constitution became effective (Mar. 30)
1945 U.S. Vice President Harry S Truman, from Independence, became President upon the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Apr. 12)
1945 Japan signed documents of surrender ending World War II in the Pacific on the deck of the USS Missouri (Sept. 2)
1946 Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of England, delivered his "Iron Curtain" speech at Fulton’s Westminster College (Mar. 5)
1948 President Harry S Truman elected to the Presidency