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Timeline of Missouri History: 1950-1990

1952 Leonor K. Sullivan became Missouri’s first woman U.S. Representative
1954 The Missouri State Penitentiary Riot (Sept. 22)
1957 Missouri Commission on Human Rights was created (June 8)
1965 The Gateway Arch (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial) designed by Eero Saarinen was completed. Located on the original settlement site of St. Louis, it symbolizes the role of St. Louis in the development of the western frontier Gateway Arch
St. Louis Arch under
construction July 8, 1965
1968 Race riots in Kansas City in response to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (April)
1972 Mary Gant became Missouri’s first woman state senator
1977 Gwen B. Giles became Missouri’s first African-American woman state senator
1980 Court-ordered desegregation began in Missouri, attempting to alleviate the racial isolation of black students. The court determined that the State of Missouri was required to pay half of the cost of school desegregation plans; numerous legal issues arose (May)
1982 Government workers began taking soil samples, testing for dioxin at Times Beach; the town was later evacuated
1984 Margaret B. Kelly became the first woman to hold statewide office in Missouri when she was appointed to the office of State Auditor (May 30)
1987 Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Knoster was designated as the home of the B-2 Stealth Bomber unit
1987 Ann K. Covington became the first woman appointed to the Missouri Supreme Court
1988 The Missouri Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Nancy Cruzan "right to life" case
1988 Missouri’s first presidential primary on the occasion of Richard Gephardt, US Congressman from Missouri, running for the Democratic nomination
1992 Missouri voters approved riverboat gambling excursions on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
1993 The Great Flood of 1993 devastated parts of Missouri and the Midwest
1993 Outstanding Schools Act was passed; it was a $310 million measure to reform Missouri schools and their funding