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Timeline of Missouri History: 1830-1849




1835 Writer Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) was born in Florida, Missouri (Nov. 30)
1836 Missouri State Penitentiary received its first prisoner (Mar. 8)
1837 President Martin Van Buren issued a proclamation which completed the annexation of the Platte Purchase area to Missouri, establishing the northwestern border of the state (Mar. 28) Gregory School
The Gregory School, Bollinger Co, Mo. 1916
1837 Missouri’s first capitol in Jefferson City was destroyed by fire (Nov. 15)
1838 Governor Lilburn Boggs issued the "Extermination Order" against Mormons living in Missouri, demanding that members of the Mormon church leave the state (Oct. 27)
1839 The Geyer Act, the foundation of Missouri’s public school system, was approved (Feb. 9)
1841 The University of Missouri, the first state university west of the Mississippi River, opened (Apr. 14)
1843 Joseph Robidoux filed a plat of a town which he called St. Joseph (Jul. 26)
1843 Susan Elizabeth Blow, founder of the public kindergarten movement, was born in St. Louis (June 7)
1847 Legislation was enacted to establish a hospital for care and treatment of the insane; State Hospital No. 1 was established in Fulton and began receiving patients in 1851
1847 Boatmen’s Bank, the oldest bank west of the Mississippi River, was established (Oct. 18)
1847 St. Louis was connected to the East Coast by telegraph (Dec. 20)
1849 With the discovery of gold in California, the Missouri towns of St. Louis, Independence, Westport, and St. Joseph became points of departure for emigrants bound for California, making Missouri the "Gateway to the West"
1849 The second, and most serious, cholera epidemic struck St. Louis; over 4000 people died