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Timeline of Missouri History: 1870-1879




1870 M. Lemma Barkeloo was the first woman lawyer in Missouri (St. Louis); She was the first woman trial lawyer in the United States, and the first woman lawyer to try a case in federal court
1871 Phoebe W. Couzins of St. Louis became Missouri's first woman law school graduate when she graduated from the Washington University Law Department (May 8) Couzins later became the nation's first Woman U.S. Marshal in 1887
1872 Governor B. Gratz Brown and family moved into the newly completed Governor’s Mansion (Jan. 20) Eads Bridge
Eads Bridge, St. Louis, Mo.
1873 The Missouri Supreme Court upheld a decision by the St. Louis Circuit Court, denying Virginia Minor the right to register to vote
1873 Susan Blow opened the first public kindergarten in the United States in St. Louis
1874 The first train robbery by the James Gang took place at Gads Hill (Jan. 31)
1874 The Eads Bridge, spanning the Mississippi River, was opened in St. Louis (Jul. 4)
1875 Grasshopper plague in Missouri caused an estimated $15 million worth of damages
1875 Missouri’s third Constitution was adopted (Oct. 30)