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Timeline of Missouri History: 1880-1889




1881 Governor Thomas Crittenden offered a $5000 reward for the arrest and conviction of members of the Jesse James gang (Jul. 28)
1882 Jesse James was killed by Bob Ford in St. Joseph (Apr. 3) Wainwright building
Wainwright Building
St. Louis, Mo.
1891 St. Louis’ Wainwright Building, one of America’s first skyscrapers, was designed by Louis Sullivan
1894 The American School of Osteopathy was incorporated by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in Kirksville (Oct. 30)
1898 Volunteers for the Spanish-American War began arriving in St. Louis (May 4)
1899 The State Historical Society of Missouri was incorporated in Columbia (Mar. 9)
1899 Scott Joplin's "The Maple Leaf Rag" was published in Sedalia, Missouri