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Timeline of Missouri History: 1900-1929




1901 The first State Fair held at Sedalia opened (Sept. 9)
1901 The Monsanto Company was founded in St. Louis (Nov. 29) 1904 World's Fair
1904 Worlds Fair
Varied Industries Building
1904 The 1904 World’s Fair opened in St. Louis (Apr. 30)
1907 The primary election law was adopted in Missouri
1909 Missouri Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case against Standard Oil Company, affirming the company’s violation of Missouri antitrust laws
1911 Missouri State Capitol was completely destroyed by fire after being struck by lightning (Feb. 5)
1913 Direct election of senators was authorized; previously, US senators from Missouri were elected by the General Assembly
1919 Governor Frederick D. Gardner signed a law granting presidential suffrage to women (Apr. 5)
1919 Missouri became the eleventh state to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment granting suffrage to women (Jul. 2)
1920 The Nineteenth Amendment was added to the U. S. Constitution on August 26.  Marie Byrum became the first woman to vote in Missouri history (Aug. 31)
1921 The Centennial Road Law, providing for the construction of a modern system of Missouri highways, was signed into law (Aug. 4)
1922 Mellcene T. Smith and Sarah Lucille Turner became the first women elected to the Missouri state legislature (Nov. 7)
1927 Charles Lindbergh landed the "Spirit of St. Louis" in Paris (May 21)