Missouri Birth & Death Records Database

Guidelines for Use

The database is made possible through the efforts of over 400 volunteers who have contributed more than 17,500 hours to this project since 1999. Volunteers for the transcription project are provided print copies of the microfilmed records. The information found on these records is then transcribed and returned to the Archives to be made available online.

Errors or discrepancies in this database could be the result of incomplete or illegible original birth and death records. In the event that errors or discrepancies occur, Missouri State Archives staff will consult the original record. If the error or discrepancy is the result of a typographical data entry mistake, the database will be amended to reflect the accurate information. If the error or discrepancy is part of the original birth or death record, staff will not amend the database information. That information is abstracted from an original archival records and cannot be altered.

Due to possible errors or discrepancies it is recommended that researchers request a print copy of the record by contacting [email protected].