Soldiers' Records: War of 1812 - World War I

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World War I Military Service Cards: Navy Transcript Codes

AGC Armed Guard Center
AOL Absent over leave
AWOL Absent without official leave
CR Change of rating
Des Deserted
Dis Discharged
DOW Duration of war
EE Expiration of enlistment
Ext. Enl Extended enlistment
FAW Fleet Air Wing
FFA For further assignment
FFT For further transfer
Ind Inducted
NAF Naval Air Facility
NAS Naval Air Station
NOB Naval Operating Base
NPDI Nonperform. duty - imprisoned
NTC Naval Training Center
NRS Naval Recruiting Station
NTS Naval Training Station
PSC Personnel Separation Center
R Received
NYd Navy Yard
RAD Released from active duty
RecSta Receiving Station
Reenl Reenlisted
RepAD Reported for active duty
Ret Retired
RS Receiving Ship
SKMC Sick misconduct
T Transferred
TFR Transferred to Fleet Reserve
T&R Transferred and received
USAFI U.S. Armed Forces Institute
USN United States Navy
USNCH U.S. Naval Convales. Hosp.
USNH U.S. Naval Hospital
USN-I U.S. Navy - Inductee
USNR U.S. Naval Reserve
USNRF U.S. Naval Reserve Force
USNSH U.S. Naval Special Hospital