Feb 14 2005
Contact: Mary Hosmer, (573) 751-4704

Carnahan Issues Order Against ATM Company and Manchester Man

Durfee's website offers investors a "passive investment" in an ATM Scrip Machine that purports to pay a 41% return on the investment every year. When contacted by the Securities Division, Durfee stated that he had been involved in a similar offering in Texas that was "shut down" for conducting a "Ponzi Scheme" and violating Texas securities laws. Durfee's prior involvement in the Texas "Ponzi Scheme" was not disclosed on the website.

When investors are asked to invest in an enterprise with the expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of another person, the offering may constitute a security. Securities and the agents offering them must be registered with the State. Neither Durfee nor the investment is registered in Missouri. These facts are also not disclosed on the website.

Carnahan, Missouri's top securities enforcer, said, "It is important for investors to ask questions of the promoter before investing their money. In addition, they should call the Secretary of State's Investor Hotline at 1-800-721-7996. One phone call could help prevent the loss of your hard-earned savings."

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