Mar 3 2005
Contact: Mary Hosmer, (573) 751-4704

Carnahan Issues Cease and Desist Order against Mesa-Data Services Inc. to Protect Missouri Investors

In September 2004, Holdeman, President & CEO of Mesa, contacted a Missouri resident to purchase Mesa stock. Holdeman claimed that the resident would receive a stock certificate and eventually make money when Mesa was bought out by Best Buy Co., Inc. Best Buy, however, had no record that they had ever engaged in any discussions or negotiations to purchase Mesa. Furthermore, as of February 2005 the resident had not received the promised stock certificate and Mesa has refused to return the investor's money.

Records obtained by the Division indicate that at least 30 individuals invested in stock, promissory notes or had loan agreements with Mesa. These individuals invested over $900,000.

"Before falling prey to false promises of generous returns investors should carefully review all solicitation materials and written agreements before committing resources," Carnahan said. "I strongly encourage all investors to check the promoter and the security being offered to ensure they are both registered with my office. A call to our Investor Hotline at 1-800-721-7996 can prevent fraudulent business people from taking advantage of another victim."

Investors can also log on to the Secretary of State's Web page at and get securities related materials.