Apr 22 2015
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Kander Stops Oklahoma-based Oil Scheme

Jefferson City, Mo. —Secretary of State Jason Kander today issued a cease and desist order against Oklahoma City-based Synergy Oil, LLC, and its executives Robert Falco and Tony Pistilli. According to the order, an individual purporting to represent Synergy solicited a Missouri resident with an investment opportunity and promised a return of the initial investment within 18 months. 

"As demands for energy continue to rise, energy-investment schemes have become popular with scammers," Kander said. "Unfortunately, Missourians lose their savings to these scams far too often."

The order alleges a Missouri resident was approached by a man who claimed to represent Synergy and offered a "private investment opportunity" pertaining to an oil well drilling operation. The Missouri resident was promised a distribution check from the investment every three months and was told he would receive 100 percent of the investment back within 18 months. Further, the Missouri resident was solicited to invest in a company called Infinity Healthcare Services, Inc., which the investor was told would be going public and its stock price was "guaranteed to double."

According to the order, the Missouri investor put $25,000 in Synergy and was given a subscription agreement, which claimed to be worth "1/4 units of working interest" in Synergy. The Missouri resident then invested $14,800 in Infinity and was given a stock certificate reflecting a purchase of 567 shares of Infinity stock. To date the Missouri resident has only received $194.66 from the investment.

According to the order, however, neither Synergy nor the individual selling the investment were registered to sell securities in Missouri, nor did they have any filed exemptions to solicit Missouri investors. 

"My office has ordered this company to stop doing business in Missouri," Kander said. "Before investing in an opportunity like this, Missourians should call my office to ensure the legitimacy of the investment offering. I encourage any Missourian who has been approached with an offer similar to this to call my office."

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