Dec 30 2008
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Carnahan Shuts Down Shady Dealings of Missouri "Investment Club"


The order states that a Missouri resident working for Doss and Michael Adamovich invested over $69,000 of her personal funds in a Mark VIII brokerage account. The investor never received records or information regarding the specific investments that Doss, Adamovich and the companies were to make on her behalf.

The investigation revealed that Doss cashed three of the investor's checks totaling over $10,000 that were to go toward her investments. In addition, over $58,000 of the investor's money was deposited by Doss into the business accounts of Mark VIII companies and the funds were used to pay business and personal expenses.

"Before Missourians trust anyone with their hard-earned money, they should make sure that the person offering the investment is properly registered," said Carnahan. "All too often, trusting Missourians are exploited by dishonest people who improperly sell or push investments."

In June of 2007, the investor asked for all her money to be withdrawn and returned, and, as of December 2008, she has not received her money as requested.

Mark VIII Holdings, LLC (Mark VIII) was organized by Gary Doss of Smithville, Mo., and Michael Adamovich of St. Paul, Minn., for the purpose of operating an investment club. International Mark VIII, LLC (Mark International) was organized by Gary Doss to provide consulting services to manufacturing companies. Doss, Adamovich, and their companies are not registered to sell securities in Missouri.

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