Jul 30 2012
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Carnahan Exposes Scheme Seeking Investments in Solar Backpack

According to the cease and desist order issued by officials in Carnahan’s Securities Division, Papakiristis allegedly convinced a Missouri resident to invest over $9,000 in Solar Evolution, promising to pay out a total of $15,100 within five weeks. The order states that neither Papakiristis nor Solar Evolution was registered to sell securities in Missouri.

According to the order, Papakiristis allegedly told the Rolla-area resident that the investment would be used in the creation of a “solar backpack.” The investor was also told that he would receive over $15,000 in return. The Missouri resident has not received a return of invested funds.

“The growing interest in alternative energy has provided dishonest investment representatives an opportunity to capitalize off of legitimate businesses,” Carnahan said. “It’s important to be especially cautious when considering any investment that promises returns that sound too good to be true.”

The cease and desist order alleges that Papakiristis sold unregistered securities and committed securities fraud by providing untrue information to investors. The order states that Papakiristis also failed to disclose a 2003 bankruptcy and a 2001 guilty plea on seven criminal counts related to motor vehicle trafficking.

Papakiristis and Solar Evolution face up to $24,000 in penalties and the possibility of paying restitution to the harmed investor. Respondents have 30 days to request a hearing and contest this matter.

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