Missouri Register

October 15, 2018  Volume 43, Number 20 (Pages 2963-3050)


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Emergency Rules

Department of Administration
     Purchasing and Materials Management (2967)

Department of Health and Senior Services
     Office of the Director  (2967)     
     Division or Regulation and Licensure (2970)

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Proposed Rules

Office of Administration
     Commissioner of Administration (2975)

Department of Mental Health
     Director, Department of Mental Health (2975)

Department of Social Services     
     Family Support Division (2979)

Department of Health and Senior Services
     Office of the Director  (2982)     
     Division or Regulation and Licensure (2990)

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Orders of Rulemaking 

Department of Economic Development
     Public Service Commission (2993)
     Division of Energy (3005)

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
     Missouri Commission on Human Rights (3005)

Department of Natural Resources
    Hazardous Waste Management Commission (3007)
    Metallic Minerals Waste Management (3007)
    State Parks (3008)

Department of Social Services
    Child Support Enforcement (3009)
    Family Support Division (3009)
    MO HealthNet Division (3009)
    Division of Youth Services (3010)

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Dissolutions (3012)

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Rule Changes Since Update (3016)

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Emergency Rules in Effect (3031)

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Executive Orders Table (3033)

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Register Index (3035)

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