2020 Referendum Petitions
Approved for Circulation in Missouri


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Referendum for Senate Substitute for Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 126


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Submitted by:  Sara Baker

Sara Baker
906 Olive St., Suite 1130
St. Louis, MO 63101

Official ballot title certified by Secretary of State on August 14, 2019.


Do you want to adopt House Bill 126 passed by the General Assembly in 2019, which specifically amends Missouri law to:

  • provide the unborn child with the same protections as those already born;
  • prohibit abortions at eight weeks of gestation (at which time there is a medically detected heartbeat), except in cases of medical emergency;
  • establish successive times at which abortions are prohibited (fourteen weeks, eighteen weeks, twenty weeks, all with medical emergency exceptions) if earlier time frames are found unlawful; and
  • prohibit an abortion based solely on the sex, race or Down Syndrome screening of the unborn child?

Revenues from state sources may decrease by at least $4.9 million annually and federal Medicaid revenues may decrease by an unknown amount, up to $7.2 billion annually. The Public Defender’s Office anticipates increased costs of an unknown amount to defend women’s medical actions after conception. Local governmental entities anticipate a significant negative impact.

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