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Secretary of State Certifies Petition 2020-063 for Ballot

Jefferson City, Mo. — Today, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft certified initiative petition 2020-063 regarding Medicaid expansion to appear on the November ballot. 

Pursuant to Section 116.120, RSMo., the secretary of state performed the approval of petition signatures by congressional district. Per state law, “the secretary of state may verify the signatures on the petition by use of random sampling.” The law states that “the process for establishing the random sample and determining the statistically valid result shall be established by the secretary of state. Such a random sampling shall include an examination of five percent of the signatures.” 

After municipal elections were moved to June 2 and a petitioner submitted signatures on May 1, the secretary of state determined to use random sampling to verify signatures. 

“We carefully considered whether to have local election officials conduct signature verifications at the same time as they are preparing for the June election,” Ashcroft said. “After visiting all 116 election officials in the state over the last two weeks, I know we made the right decision. It would have created a tremendous amount of work for them at the same time they prepare for, conduct and certify their local election.” 

To place a constitutional amendment on the ballot, the number of signatures verified must be at least 8% of the number of voters in 6 of 8 congressional districts who cast ballots for Governor in the last election by congressional district. In this instance, the petitioner submitted 341,440 signatures on May 1, 2020.

Congressional District Signatures Submitted Sampled Signatures Verified Sampled Signatures Valid Signatures Signatures Needed (8%) District Sufficient/ Insufficient
1 47,230 2,298 1,704 35,022 25,572 Sufficient
2 63,486 3,173 2,568 51,381 33,830 Sufficient
3 57,064 2,877 2,227 44,172 30,395 Sufficient
4 7,378 369 286 5,718 27,103 Insufficient
5 53,460 2,708 2,085 41,161 26,157 Sufficient
6 54,993 2,747 2,243 44,903 28,607 Sufficient
7 52,059 2,605 2,104 42,047 27,454 Sufficient
8 5,770 295 241 4,714 25,306 Insufficient


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