Sep 10 2015 
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Kander Halts Investment Scheme in Mid-Missouri


Jefferson City, Mo. — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander today shut down an investment scheme run by Arizona-based, LLC and their principals Lance Himes and Leary Darling. The scam started when an agent with cold-called a 61-year-old Missourian, offering an investment opportunity and promising unrealistic guarantees of profit. Ultimately, after investing $15,000, the Missouri resident never received a return on the investment and has not heard from in two years.

“If you receive a cold call about an investment opportunity, it’s a red flag that you should use extra precautions before turning over your hard-earned money,” Kander said. “When it comes to protecting your savings, you can never be too cautious. One quick call to my office can help protect you from bad actors.”

The cease and desist order alleges an agent told the investor his money would be placed in “merchant residual accounts,” described to the resident as revenue streams coming from a business involving payment over time, such as a subscription service. The agent also assured the resident he didn’t have to do anything to receive the “guaranteed income” from interest in merchant residual accounts he purchased.

According to the order,, Himes, and Darling failed to tell the investor about the specific risks of the investment. Further, the order alleges that they misrepresented that the investment would be “guaranteed income,” and that the Missouri resident would receive a “substantial amount of money.” Kander’s order seeks restitution, fines and the costs of the investigation.

The state of Oregon and the Federal Trade Commission have also taken action against Himes and Darling, among others.

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