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Ashcroft Wins Dismissal of ACLU’s Voter ID Lawsuit 

Jefferson City, Mo. — The Cole County Circuit Court handed the people of Missouri a victory in the months-long voter ID lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of the NAACP and League of Women Voters. Judge Jon Beetem granted the Secretary of State’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, denying the ACLU’s requests to stop the voter ID law. 

“Missouri’s voter ID law is simple. If you’re registered to vote, you can vote,” said Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft. The law went into effect June 1, 2017. 

“The people of Missouri were right, and common sense prevailed,” Ashcroft said. “We followed the law, we expanded ballot access and we didn’t disenfranchise voters. We applaud the years of work by the state legislature to put this voter ID law on the ballot, and we appreciate the overwhelming support of Missouri voters.” 

ACLU and other groups were deliberate in their attempts to mislead and disenfranchise Missourians about the law’s requirements. The organizations found themselves fighting a law that in fact expanded voting access and provided registered voters greater opportunity to vote. 

“Missouri has had more than 80 successful elections under Missouri’s voter ID law. Representatives from my office have visited every local election authority, and I have met with Missourians in all 114 counties to listen to their concerns and answer their questions about the voter ID requirements,” Ashcroft said. 

Missourians wishing to learn more about the law are encouraged to visit Voters who need help obtaining the necessary documents to obtain a photo ID or have questions about the law may call 866-868-3245.                                     


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