2006 Initiative Petitions
Approved for Circulation in Missouri

Filing for Office Under Multiple Political Parties With Exceptions Initiative



Be it resolved by the people of the state of Missouri that the Constitution be amended:

One new section is adopted by adding one new section to be known as Section 8 of Article VIII to read as follows:

Section 8 (a) Any person who files as a political party candidate for nomination or election to an office may, without withdrawing, file as another political party's candidate for nomination or election to the office for the same term.

(b) Any candidate nominated for the same office by multiple political parties shall be listed in the row for that office in the column for each party that nominated the candidate.

(c) Any ballot that contains distinguishing marks for the same candidate in multiple different party columns shall be counted as one vote for that candidate and tallied as only one vote for that candidate.

(d) For purposes of determining whether a party has satisfied the requirements for status as an established political party, only votes cast solely for candidates of the party on the party's column shall be counted.

(e) Except upon the withdrawal, disqualification or death of a candidate, or upon an election called to fill a midterm vacancy, a candidate of a major party for elective office shall be nominated at a primary election; candidates of a political party other than a major party shall be nominated by the party's nominating committee and the certificate of nomination shall be filed with the declaration of candidacy in the office of the election authority authorized to receive declarations of candidacy for the office by 5:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday after the primary election.