2010 Initiative Petitions
Approved for Circulation in Missouri

Constitutional Amendment to Article IV, Section 30,
Relating to Rail Passenger Service


Be it resolved by the people of the State of Missouri that the Constitution be amended:

Section 30 of article IV of the Constitution of Missouri is amended by adding Section 30(E). The new section includes the following underlined language:

Monies collected from a one tenth of one percent sales tax will be used for the purpose of developing Rail Passenger Service in Missouri including from St. Louis to Rolla, Springfield, Aurora, Billings, Marionville, Republic, Crane, Galena, Reeds Spring, Hollister and Branson with one half of the funding to go to the future development of High Speed Rail between the cities. (Will allow connection of the Chicago Rail Passenger Line to Tulsa and other cities in Texas). A one tenth of one percent sales tax upon or measured by fuel used for propelling motor vehicles (automobiles, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds), is to be levied and collected as provided by law.