2024 Ballot Measures

The following ballot measures has been certified for the November 5, 2024 general election.

Official Ballot Title
Amendment 1

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Official Ballot Title:

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to allow places where individuals, corporations, organizations, and associations provide childcare outside of the child’s home to be exempt from property tax? This is intended to make childcare more available, which would support the well-being of children, families, the workforce, and society as a whole.

State governmental entities estimate the state’s Blind Pension Fund could have annual lost revenue of up to $400,000. Local governments expect an unknown fiscal impact.

 Fair Ballot Language: 

A "yes" vote will amend the Missouri Constitution to grant the General Assembly statutory authority to exempt all property, real and personal, used primarily for the care of a child outside of his or her home by general law. An assessing authority may be authorized by general law to exempt from the assessment, levy, and collection of taxes such portion of the property of such individual, corporation, organization, or association that is used primarily for such childcare.  

A "no" vote will not amend the Missouri Constitution and childcare facilities will continue to be assessed, levied, and pay taxes.

If passed, this measure will have no impact on taxes.