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List of Trustees

Please update your list of trustee board members during the annual state aid certification process and as membership changes.


Instructions for Listing of current Trustees


NOTE: State Statute sets Library Board membership for:

  • City-County libraries at nine (9) members

  • County libraries at five (5) members

  • Consolidated libraries with a minimum of at least eight (8) members

  • Voted-tax Municipal libraries at nine (9) members/City-budget supported number of members varies

  • Regional libraries, which operate by contractual arrangement between the participating library districts/boards, are determined by their mutual contract.

In addition to the Regional Officers List form, a separate form for each participant library’s board must also be completed.


Members for each type of library board must be identified with the following information:

  • As President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Member as appropriate

  • Year term expires

  • As necessary, indicate by name each previous board member who has been replaced by a new trustee

The form must be certified by an Authorized Official by an original signature.


Using the Adobe PDF forms for List of Trustees

  • Choose the form depending on the type of library.
  • The form may be completed online and printed for signatures.


List of Trustee Forms

Type of LibraryTrustee Form
City Budget Supported Municipal Library Districts City-Budget Trustees List  PDF Document
Municipal Voted Tax Supported Library Districts
(library supported by a voted property tax)
Voted-Tax Municipal Trustees List PDF Document
Consolidated Library Districts Consolidated Library Trustees List PDF Document
City-County Library Districts City-County Trustees List PDF Document
County Library Districts County Trustees List PDF Document
Regional Library Districts
(select form needed for each district)
Regional Library Officers List PDF Document


Email the forms to [email protected], OR

Fax the forms to (573) 751-3612, OR

Mail the forms to:

Library Development Division
Missouri State Library
600 West Main Street, PO Box 387
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0387


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