It has been found that abnormal weed, and in some instances, second growth problems exist in wheat fields in the state due to excessive moisture and the resultant late harvesting. These wheat fields will require a harvest aid chemical to be applied prior to harvesting in order to desiccate the extraordinary green growth. There is, however, no product presently labeled for this use by the EPA, or the State of Missouri. There is a chemical, sodium chlorate, available in Missouri, which is labeled as a harvest aid in corn, milo, rice, soybeans and cotton.

For this reason, and in accordance with Section 18 of the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, the determination has been made to implement a crisis exemption for the use of sodium chlorate as a harvest aid in wheat in the State of Missouri. This exemption will be in effect from June 19, 1981 to July 19, 1981.

Although the product may be used as needed throughout the state, the areas of heaviest use will be in southwest and west central Missouri; those areas presently showing the greatest problem.

The product may be legally applied to wheat only by persons certified as private or commercial applicators in the State of Missouri by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Persons wishing to use the product must go to the nearest University of Missouri Extension Center and fill out a brief application form, and receive a state approved label for this use. The label must be in the possession of the applicator at the time the product is being applied, and will be valid only during the time indicated thereon.

Suppliers of the product have been notified by the Department of Agriculture and the product will be available in most farm supply stores. However, in some areas of the state, persons who feel they will need the product should inform their local suppliers of their intended need in order to assure that the product will be available when they are ready to apply it.

The State Department of Agriculture will monitor the use of the product and persons who make applications other than directed by the label will be subject to penalties as prescribed by the Missouri Pesticide Use Act.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF: I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Missouri, in the City of Jefferson on the 18th day of June 1981.

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