WHEREAS, maintaining an clean environment, a safe and reliable food supply, a vibrant economy, and a high quality of life for all Missourians is a high priority of state government; and

WHEREAS, the authority to implement federal regulations, legislative mandates, and administrative priorities is often delegated to state agencies through the promulgation of rules; and

WHEREAS, often the mandate of one state agency to take regulatory or administrative action can have consequences for the missions of other agencies; and

WHEREAS, to ensure the protection of the public health and economic well-being of all citizens, while simultaneously ensuring the health of the state's economy and ecology, coordination between agencies in the development of rules is a high priority.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Holden, Governor of the State of Missouri, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Laws and Constitution of the State of Missouri, do hereby direct the following state agencies to coordinate rule development: the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and the Department of Conservation. Such coordination shall include, but is not limited to, organized discussion of plans and actions and dissemination of scientific data and analysis.

To facilitate such interagency coordination, I further establish an executive team to review proposed rules and offer analysis of impacts across departments upon Missouri's citizens and entities, both public and private. Specific emphasis should be placed on regulations that would have a significant impact on the missions of other state agencies.

The team shall be composed of the following Department Directors and members of the executive branch or their designated representative:

  • The Director of the Department of Natural Resources;
  • The Director of the Department of Economic Development;
  • The Director of the Department of Agriculture;
  • The Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services;
  • The Director of the Department of Conservation; and
  • A member of the Governor's staff.

As soon as possible after completing a draft of a proposed rule, but in any case no less than 30 days before a proposed regulation regarding environmental quality, human health, or economic and rural development is filed by one of the agencies of state government represented on the team, the initiating department shall provide copies of the proposed rule to all other executive team members. Team members shall review the proposed rules and may provide comments, questions, or suggestions relating to the rule to the proposing department within 30 days of being provided the proposed rule. Rules proposed as an emergency rule meeting the requirements of Section 536.025 RSMo 2000 (as amended) shall be exempt from review by the executive team. Nothing in this executive order shall prohibit the state agencies represented on the executive team from filing non-emergency rules without following the procedures described above when following such procedures would be impractical, provided that the agency informs the other executive team members of its actions to the greatest practical extent.

Team members shall also strive to coordinate policy development on issues that have a direct impact on the missions of other state agencies represented on the team. The team shall develop procedures for facilitating such coordination.

This executive order shall not prevent the aforementioned departments and other state governmental entities from continuing to work cooperatively while coordinating their rulemaking efforts with both public and private groups through stakeholder and informal advisory meetings.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Missouri, in the City of Jefferson, on this day of March 19, 2002.

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