WHEREAS, an effective disaster response and recovery system must have the well-being and recovery of Missouri citizens as a principal goal; and

WHEREAS, a collaborative effort by Missouri charitable and not-for-profit social service organizations and government agencies can improve the way services are provided to disaster survivors; and

WHEREAS, the Governor's Disaster Recovery Partnership -- convened to improve the coordination and delivery of services provided to survivors of the Flood of 1993 -- has confirmed that government and nongovernmental organizations can combine resources and coordinate efforts to reach disaster survivors and provide assistance that neither group could provide as effectively on its own; and

WHEREAS, the Disaster Recovery Partnership has developed an effective model for public/private collaboration to improve Missouri's disaster response and recovery systems; and

WHEREAS, recent attacks on our country coupled with the creation of an integrated Department of Homeland Security have reaffirmed the need for increased planning and training for all-hazard response(s), especially with attention to the human aspects of recovery; and

WHEREAS, recent tornadoes and flooding have seriously affected the citizens and communities of Missouri to an unprecedented degree:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Holden, Governor of the State of Missouri, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Missouri, do hereby affirm the endeavors of the Disaster Recovery Partnership and ascribe to it the additional functions of a State Citizen Council. The Disaster Recovery Partnership shall meet no less frequently than quarterly and provide a biennial report to my office, the Office of Homeland Security, and the State Emergency Management Agency.

The Disaster Recovery Partnership ("Partnership") shall be comprised of governmental and private agency representatives. To form the membership of the Partnership, I direct the state departments of Agriculture, Economic Development, Elementary and Secondary Education, Health and Senior Services, Insurance, Labor and Industrial Relations, Mental Health, Social Services, Natural Resources, Conservation, the State Emergency Management Agency, the Missouri Housing Development Commission, and the Office of Administration to designate one representative each with appropriate policy-making authority. I further agree and direct that the Office of the Governor may designate one representative from the Governor's staff to serve as a member of the Partnership. In addition, I direct the Partnership, by and through its chairs, to invite membership from a wide range of private sector organizations and agencies who by nature of their charters and mission are uniquely suited to enhance the delivery of assistance to victims of disasters. The Partnership shall be directed by two co-chairs. One co-chair shall represent the public-sector members of the Partnership and shall be appointed by the Governor. The second co-chair shall represent the private-sector members of the Partnership and shall be elected by a majority vote of such members. The Disaster Recovery Partnership shall be staffed by the State Emergency Management Agency.

The Disaster Recovery Partnership's responsibilities shall include:

  • Reviewing and implementing, as appropriate, the recommendations of the original Disaster Recovery Partnership;
  • Reviewing the human services disaster response and recovery delivery methods with a goal of improving service to the citizens of Missouri;
  • Designing methods of more rapid collection and analysis of data on disaster victims and their needs;
  • Developing a simplified intake system linked to centralized databanks to improve human services response and recovery services;
  • Establishing more rapid and complete communications to disaster victims and care­givers during emergency response and recovery stages;
  • Promoting, training and supporting local committees, similar to the local unmet needs committees formed during the flood of 1993, with additional attention to the establishment and representation of community Citizen Councils; and
  • Functioning as a Statewide Citizen Council for the State of Missouri, with support to the Homeland Security Council on post-disaster human service issues.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Missouri, in the City of Jefferson on this 10th day of December, 2003.

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Bob Holden


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Matt Blunt
Secretary of State

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