WHEREAS, school safety is vitally important to the health and well-being of Missouri’s students and school personnel; and

WHEREAS, incidents of school violence have become all too common in our country and state leaders, school administrators, and law enforcement agencies continue to seek ways to keep Missouri schools safe; and

WHEREAS, it is critical that the state of Missouri develop comprehensive, coordinated, and effective recommendations for school safety to guide our understanding and prevention of violence in schools; and

WHEREAS, in 2018, President Donald J. Trump established the Federal Commission on School Safety to provide meaningful and actionable recommendations to keep students safe at school; and

WHEREAS, the Commission recently released a report of its findings, which included recommendations based upon policies already working in many states and local communities; and

WHEREAS, there is no single solution to the problem of school violence and there can be no “one size fits all” approach for an issue this complex; and

WHERERAS, a statewide analysis of school safety is needed to evaluate existing best practices in Missouri and to identify potential areas for improvement:

NOW THEREFORE, I, MICHAEL L. PARSON, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, hereby establish the Missouri School Safety Task Force as follows:

  1. The Task Force shall include the following members or their designees:
    1. The Lieutenant Governor, who shall serve as Chair;
    2. The Director of the Department of Public Safety;
    3. The Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;
    4. The Director of the Department of Mental Health;
    5. A representative from the Missouri School Boards’ Association, selected by the Association;
    6. A representative from the Center for Education Safety, selected by the Center;
    7. A school resource officer, appointed by the Governor; and
    8. Such other members as the Governor may appoint.
  2. The Task Force shall study the Federal Commission on School Safety report from Missouri’s perspective and shall identify gaps, shortfalls, or suggested policy changes. The Task Force shall also highlight the resources available to communities, school districts, and individual schools to help ensure school safety.
  3. The Task Force shall develop and submit a report of its findings and recommendations, which may include a statewide strategic plan, to the Governor by July 31, 2019, at which point the Task Force shall dissolve, unless reauthorized or superseded by a subsequent Executive Order.
  4. Members of the Task Force shall not receive any compensation for their duties as members of the Task Force, but may be reimbursed for necessary expenses associated with performing their duties, subject to the availability of funds.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Missouri, in the City of Jefferson, on this 13th day of March, 2019.

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Michael L. Parson


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John R. Ashcroft
Secretary of State

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