Missouri Census Records and Tax Lists

The Missouri State Archives has federal, territorial, state, and special census records from 1752 to 2004.  In addition, tax lists are good substitutes when census records are not available.  See the links below for more information.

Federal Censuses (1830-1940) 
Territorial Censuses (1752-1818) and Tax Lists (1814-1821) 
State Censuses (1840-1876) and Tax Lists (years vary by county) 
Special Censuses (1857-2004) 


Census Enumerator Interviews the First Family
Census enumerator Eileen M. Nolte interviews Bess
Wallace Truman, Harry S. Truman, and Margaret
Truman in 1950. Courtesy of the Harry S. Truman
Library and Museum through Missouri Digital Heritage.