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How Do I Vote?


Missouri’s new voter ID law (HB 1631), effective on June 1, 2017, outlines identification options for registered Missouri voters to use on Election Day at their polling location.


Most Missourians have a Missouri Driver's License or Nondriver License, which is an acceptable photo ID for voting. There are also plenty of other options, too.

• Option 1: Provide a Missouri issued Driver or Non-Driver license, U.S. Passport, or Military ID

• Option 2: Provide a secondary form of identification, such as a paycheck or bank statement.

• Option 3: If the voter has no form of identification, but is a registered voter, they may cast a provisional ballot


Missouri’s voter ID law also requires the state of Missouri to assist voters who might not have a photo ID in obtaining one.


How Do I Get a Free Photo ID?

If you want a photo ID to vote and don't have one, complete the form below to get started. The Secretary of State's office will receive your information and help you obtain the documents you need. We have a team ready to help.

How Can I Register to Vote?

The Voter ID law does not change Missouri's voter registration process. Click the link below for instructions.

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