Establishing a Corporate E-account with the Secretary of State

On-line filings require you first establish a Corporate E-account with the Secretary of State. The Corporate E-account will be an ACH (Automated Clearing House) account. When your users complete and submit filings, we will debit the filing fee(s) from your designated bank account that was established via an ACH Registration Form to pay your on-line filing fee(s).

ACH REGISTRATION FORMClick here to fill out the ACH Registration Form PDF Document, print the form, then sign and mail to the address shown at the bottom of the form. This form must have an original signature of the agent/representative who will be responsible for your Corporate E-account.

Once the ACH form has been received, the Secretary of State will set up your Corporate E-account on our system and will generate a Corporate E-account user name and password that will be sent via e-mail to the agent/representative.

We will process your ACH Registration Form application and assign your Corporate E-account as quickly as possible. Once the Corporate E-account has been established, we will send a pre-note through our bank with your bank routing and account number. This pre-note process takes approximately seven (7) business days to complete. An E-mail will be sent to your agent/representative advising of the user name, password, and the date on-line filings may begin.