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You Say It How?

LBPH Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures

“You Say it How?” is an audio-enhanced version of “Say How?,” a pronunciation guide of the names of lesser known and contemporary public figures. The guide was created for and is maintained by Ray Hagen for the Library of Congress Talking Book Studios of the National Library Service (NLS). Ray Hagen is the voice of“You Say it How?” and the project was monitored by Laura Giannarelli.

Background for the print guide is available at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/abc/
[ Listen to the background for this guide audio file ]
Notes on using the guide are at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/nls-other-writings-say-how/

Audio addition underwritten by the Friends of Wolfner Library.


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Iafrate, Al  (i-?-FRAT-e) audio file

Ian, Janis  (E-?n) audio file

Ibi, Keiko  (KA-e-ko E-be) audio file

Ibrahim, Anwar  (ÄN-wär E-brä-hem) audio file

Icahn, Carl C.  (I-kon) audio file

Ickes, Harold  (IK-ez) audio file

Idei, Nobuyuki  (NO-BOO-YOO-KE E-DA) audio file

Ifield, Frank  (I-feld) audio file

Ifill, Gwen  (I-f?l) audio file

Iger, Robert  (I-g?r) audio file

Iglesias, Enrique  (en-RE-ka ig-LA-se-?s) audio file

Iglesias, Julio  (HOOL-yo ig-LA-se-?s) audio file

Iglesias, Loida  (lo-ED-? ig-LA-se-?s) audio file

Ihrie, Robert  (ER-e) audio file

Iida, Zulema  (zoo-LEM-? ED-?) audio file

Ikangaa, Juma  (JOO-mä e-KÄNG-gä) audio file

Iliescu, Ion  (E-on e-le-YES-koo) audio file

Iman  (e-MÄN) audio file

Imber, Nahtali Herz  (nä-TÄL-e HÂRTZ IM-b?r) audio file

Imbrie, Ann E.  (IM-bre) audio file

Imbruglia, Natalie  (im-BROO-le-?) audio file

Immelt, Jeffrey R.  (IM-?lt) audio file

Impastato, David  (im-p?-STÄT-o) audio file

Imperioli, Michael  (im-per-e-OL-e) audio file

Imus, Don  (I-m?s) audio file

Ina, Kyoko  (KYO-ko EN-?) audio file

Inagaki, Goro  (in-ä-GÄK-e) audio file

Inarritu, Alejandro Gonzales  (äl-ä-KHÄN-dro in-YÄR-i-too) audio file

Incaviglia, Pete  (ink-?-VEL-y?) audio file

Ince, Thomas  (INTS) audio file

Inchbald, Elizabeth  (INCH-bôld) audio file

India.Arie  (IN-de-?-ä-RE) audio file

Indyk, Martin  (IN-dik) audio file

Inescort, Frieda  (in-ES-kôrt) audio file

Inge, William  (INJ) audio file

Ingersoll, Ralph  (ING-g?r-sol) audio file

Ingersoll, Raymond  (ING-g?r-sol) audio file

Inglesi, Richard  (ing-GLA-se) audio file

Inglis, Bob  (ING-glis) audio file

Inhofe, James M.  (IN-hof) audio file

Innes, Laura  (IN-?s) audio file

Innes, Neil  (IN-?s) audio file

Innis, Niger  (NI-j?r IN-is) audio file

Innis, Roy  (IN-?s) audio file

Inoue, Rena  (REN-? IN-?-wa) audio file

Inouye, Daniel K.  (in-NO-a) audio file

Insana, Ron  (in-SÄN-?) audio file

Inslee, Jay  (INZ-le) audio file

International, Dana  (DÄN-?) audio file

Iommi, Tony  (i-O-me) audio file

Iooss, Walter Jr.  (YOS) audio file

Iosue, Col. Andrew  (e-SOO-a) audio file

Iovine, Jimmy  (i-o-VEN) audio file

Irrera, Dom  (?-RÂR-?) audio file

Irvine, Reed  (ÛRV-in) audio file

Isay, David  (I-sa) audio file

Isay, Dr. Richard  (I-sa) audio file

Iscove, Ron  (IS-kov) audio file

Ishee, Suzanne  (ISH-e) audio file

Ishikawa, Chikae  (chi-KI ish-i-KÄ-wä) audio file

Isikoff, Michael  (IZ-?-kôf) audio file

Isles, Alexandra  (ILZ) audio file

Isley Brothers  (IZ-le) audio file

Isphording, Julie  (IS-f?r-ding) audio file

Isringhausen, Jason  (IZ-ring-hou-z?n) audio file

Issa, Darrell  (I-sä) audio file

Istomin, Marta  (is-TO-min) audio file

Istook, Ernest  (IZ-tük) audio file

Itchidowi, Helena  (ich-e-DÔ-we) audio file

Ito, Lance A.  (E-to) audio file

Ito, Midori  (mi-DÔR-e E-to) audio file

Iturbi, Jose  (e-TOOR-be) audio file

Ivanek, Zeljko  (ZHEL-ko e-VÄN-ik) audio file

Ivanisevic, Goran  (e-v?-NES-?-vich) audio file

Ivankov, Ivan  (e-VÄN e-VÄN-kôf) audio file

Ivanov, Igor  (E-ger e-vä-NÔF) audio file

Ivanov, Sergei  (sir-GA e-vä-NÔF) audio file

Ivanovici, J.  (i-v?n-?-VE-che) audio file

Ivey, Dana  (DAN-?) audio file

Ivins, Molly  (IV-?nz) audio file

Ivon, Lewis  (IV-?n) audio file

Iwerks, Ub  (UB I-wûrks) audio file

Izetbegovic, Alija  (a-LE-y? e-za-BE-go-vich) audio file

Izzard, Eddie  (IZ-?rd) audio file

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