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You Say It How?

LBPH Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures

“You Say it How?” is an audio-enhanced version of “Say How?,” a pronunciation guide of the names of lesser known and contemporary public figures. The guide was created for and is maintained by Ray Hagen for the Library of Congress Talking Book Studios of the National Library Service (NLS). Ray Hagen is the voice of“You Say it How?” and the project was monitored by Laura Giannarelli.

Background for the print guide is available at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/abc/
[ Listen to the background for this guide audio file ]
Notes on using the guide are at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/nls-other-writings-say-how/

Audio addition underwritten by the Friends of Wolfner Library.


[ Pronunciation Key ]


Ja Rool  (JÄ ROOL) audio file

Jablonsky, Harvey  (jä-BLON-ske) audio file

Jackee  (ja-KA) audio file

Jackson, Mahalia  (m?-HÂL-y?) audio file

Jackson, Rebbie  (REB-e) audio file

Jackson, Sheneska  (sh?-NES-k?) audio file

Jaco, Charles  (JAK-o) audio file

Jacob, Gilles  (ZHEL zhä-KOB) audio file

Jacob, Irene  (e-REN zhä-KOB) audio file

Jacobi, Derek  (JAK-?-be) audio file

Jacobi, Lou  (j?-KOB-e) audio file

Jacobs, Seaman  (SE-m?n) audio file

Jacobson, Dr. Cecil  (SES-?l) audio file

Jacoby, Tamar  (t?-MÄR j?-KOB-e) audio file

Jacques, Brian  (JAKS) audio file

Jacques, Cheryl  (JAKS) audio file

Jacquet, Illinois  (il-i-NOI JAK-?t) audio file

Jacquet, Xavier  (ZHÄ-ve-a zhä-KA) audio file

Jaeckel, Richard  (JAK-?l) audio file

Jaeger, Richard  (YAG-?r) audio file

Jaenzon, Julius  (YOOL-e-?s YEN-s?n) audio file

Jaffa, Henry  (JAF-?) audio file

Jaffe, Jack  (ja-FA) audio file

Jaffe, Peter  (JAF-e) audio file

Jaffe, Rona  (JAF-e) audio file

Jaffe, Sam  (JAF-e) audio file

Jaffe, Susan  (JAF-e) audio file

Jaffrey, Saeed  (si-ED JAF-re) audio file

Jager, Tom  (JAG-?r) audio file

Jagger, Dean  (JAG-?r) audio file

Jagger, Mick  (JAG-?r) audio file

Jaglom, Henry  (JAG-l?m) audio file

Jagr, Jaromir  (YÄR-?-mer YÄG-?r) audio file

Jahan, Marine  (mä-REN jä-HÄN) audio file

Jahn, Helmut  (HEL-moot YÄN) audio file

Jahnke, Ryan  (YÄN-ke) audio file

Jaicks, Agar  (AG-?r JAKS) audio file

Jamar, Jeff  (jä-MÄR) audio file

James, Brian D'Arcy  (DÄR-se) audio file

James, Glodean  (glo-DEN) audio file

James, Joni  (JON-e) audio file

James, Marquis  (MÄR-k?s) audio file

Jameson, House  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jameson, Joyce  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jamieson, Kathleen Hall  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jamison, Anne  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jamison, Judith  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jamison, Kay Redfield  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jamison, Lynda  (JAM-?-s?n) audio file

Jankowski, Horst  (jan-KOU-ske) audio file

Janney, Leon  (LA-on JAN-e) audio file

Jannings, Emil  (AM-il YÄN-ingz) audio file

Janowitz, Tama  (TAM-? JAN-?-wits) audio file

Jansch, Bert  (YANSH) audio file

Janssen, Famke  (FAM-ke JANT-s?n) audio file

Januszczak, Waldemar  (VÄL-d?-mär YÄN-?-chek) audio file

Januszewski-Ytuarte, Bonnie  (yän-?-CHEF-ske e-TWÄR-ta) audio file

Jaoui, Agnes  (än-YES zhou-E) audio file

Jardine, Al  (jär-DEN) audio file

Jardon, Dorothy  (JÄRD-?n) audio file

Jarecki, Andrew  (j?-REK-e) audio file

Jarecki, Eugene  (j?-REK-e) 

Jarmusch, Jim  (JÄR-m?sh) audio file

Jarre, Kevin  (jär-A) audio file

Jarre, Maurice  (môr-ES ZHÄR) audio file

Jarreau, Al  (j?-RO) audio file

Jarrell, Kent  (JAR-?l) audio file

Jarrell, Randall  (j?-REL) audio file

Jarriel, Tom  (JAR-?l) audio file

Jasgur, Joseph  (JAZ-g?r) audio file

Jasny, Wojtech  (WO-i-tek YÄS-ne) audio file

Javers, Eamon  (AM-?n JAV-?rz) audio file

Jaworski, Leon  (j?-WÔR-ske) audio file

Jayme, Bill  (JA-me) audio file

Jeakins, Dorothy  (JEK-?nz) audio file

Jean-Baptiste, Marianne  (zhän-bäp-TEST) audio file

Jeanloz, Raymond  (ZHÄN-lo) audio file

Jeanmaire, Zizi  (ZE-ZE zhä[n]-MÂR) audio file

Jeannette, Stanick  (stä-NEK zhä-net) audio file

Jeanotte, Col. Alfred J.  (zh?-NOT) audio file

Jeayes, Allan  (JAZ) audio file

Jelinek, Maria  (JEL-?-nek) audio file

Jelinek, Milena  (m?-LEN-? JEL-?-nek) audio file

Jelinek, Otto  (JEL-?-nek) audio file

Jelke, Mickey  (JEL-ke) audio file

Jemison, Anne  (JE-mi-s?n) audio file

Jendrzejczyk, Mike  (jen-DRE-zik) audio file

Jeni, Richard  (JEN-e) audio file

Jens, Salome  (SAL-?-ma JENZ) audio file

Jentzsch, Heber  (HE-b?r JENTCH) audio file

Jeritza, Maria  (HÂR-et-sä) audio file

Jeter, Derek  (JET-?r) audio file

Jeter, Michael  (JET-?r) audio file

Jevne, Jack  (JEV-ne) audio file

Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer  (PRÄ-w?r jäb-VÄL-ä) audio file

Jiaxuan, Tang  (TÄN[G] JÄ-SHWÄN) audio file

Jillian, Ann  (JIL-e-?n) audio file

Jimenez, Neal  (hem-EN-ez) audio file

Jimenez, Tai  (TI hem-EN-ez) audio file

Jin, Xie  (sye-e-JEN) audio file

Jingsheng, Wei  (WA-JING-SHENG) audio file

Jintao, Hu  (HOO JEN-TOU) audio file

Jiroudek, John  (JER-?-dek) audio file

Joachim, Maurice J.J.  (ZHWÄK-em) audio file

Joanou, Phil  (jo-ÄN-oo) audio file

Jobim, Antonio Carlos  (zho-BEM) audio file

Jobs, Steve  (JOBZ) audio file

Joffa, Bernard  (b?r-NÄRD) audio file

Johann, Zita  (ZET-? YO-han) audio file

Johanns, Michael  (YO-hänz) audio file

Johanson, Donald  (jo-HAN-s?n) audio file

Johanson, Jai Johanny  (JI jo-HAN-e jo-HAN-s?n) audio file

Johanson, Jaimoe  (JA-mo jo-HAN-s?n) audio file

Johanssen, Ingomar  (ING-?-mär yo-HÄN-s?n) audio file

John, Sabine  (zä-BEN-? YÔN) audio file

Johns, Glynis  (GLIN-?s) audio file

Johnson, Arte  (ÄRT-e) audio file

Johnson, Cedric  (SED-rik) audio file

Johnson, Dr. Mahlon  (MA-l?n) audio file

Johnson, Evie (Mrs. Van)  (E-ve) audio file

Johnson, Gia  (JE-?) audio file

Johnson, Nunnally  (NUN-?-le) audio file

Johnson, Rafer  (RA-f?r) audio file

Johnstone, Bill  (JON-ston) audio file

Johnstone, Jack  (JON-ston) audio file

Jolie, Angelina  (zho-LE) audio file

Jolliffe, David  (JOL-?f) audio file

Jones, Genene  (j?-NEN) audio file

Jones, Louis  (LOO-is) audio file

Jones, Michellie  (m?-KEL-e) audio file

Jones, Reunald  (REN-?ld) audio file

Jones, Syl  (SIL) audio file

Jones, Tamala  (TAM-?-l?) audio file

Jong, Erica  (JONG) audio file

Jong-Ruyl, Kwon  (KWON-JONG-ROOL) audio file

Jooss, Kurt  (KÜRT YOS) audio file

Joost, David  (YOST) audio file

Jordan, Hamilton  (JÛRD-?n) audio file

Jordan, Louis  (LOO-e JÔRD-?n) audio file

Jorday, Eason  (ES-?n) audio file

Jorgensen, Christine  (JÔRG-?n-s?n) audio file

Josefowicz, Leila  (LE-lä jo-SEF-?-wits) audio file

Jospin, Lionel Robert  (le-o-NEL ro-BÂR zhoo-SPA[N]) audio file

Jostyn, Jay  (JOS-t?n) audio file

Joubert, Brian  (zhoo-BÂR) audio file

Joulwan, George  (JOUL-won) audio file

Jourdain, Rose  (jôr-DAN) audio file

Jourdan, Louis  (loo-E zhôr-DA[N]) audio file

Journee, Michael  (JÛRN-e) audio file

Jovanovich, William  (yo-VÄN-?-vich) audio file

Jovovich, Milla  (ME-lä JO-v?-vich) audio file

Joyce, Andrea  (AN-dre-?) audio file

Judd, Naomi  (na-OM-e) audio file

Judd, Wynonna  (wi-NO-n?) audio file

Judge, Father Mychal  (MIK-?l) audio file

Jugo, Jenny  (ZHEN-e YOO-go) audio file

Juhasz, Victor  (YOO-häsh) audio file

Julia, Raul  (ROUL JOOL-yä) audio file

Jun, Rosemary  (JOON) audio file

Juneau, Joey  (JO-a JOO-no) audio file

Junge, Traudl  (TROUD-l YUN-?) audio file

Junger, Gil  (YUNG-?r) audio file

Junger, Sebastian  (JUNG-g?r) audio file

Juppe, Alain  (ä-LA[N] zhoo-PA) audio file

Jurado, Katy  (KÄT-e hoor-ÄD-o) audio file

Jurasik, Peter  (JÜR-?-sik) audio file

Jureit, John Calvin  (JOOR-e-?t) audio file

Jurgens, Curt  (KÜRT YÜR-ginz) audio file

Jurgensen, Karen  (KÄR-?n JÛR-gòn-s?n) audio file

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