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You Say It How?

LBPH Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures

“You Say it How?” is an audio-enhanced version of “Say How?,” a pronunciation guide of the names of lesser known and contemporary public figures. The guide was created for and is maintained by Ray Hagen for the Library of Congress Talking Book Studios of the National Library Service (NLS). Ray Hagen is the voice of“You Say it How?” and the project was monitored by Laura Giannarelli.

Background for the print guide is available at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/abc/
[ Listen to the background for this guide audio file ]
Notes on using the guide are at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/nls-other-writings-say-how/

Audio addition underwritten by the Friends of Wolfner Library.


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Uchida, Mitsuko  (METS-?-ko ?-SHED-?) audio file

Udall, Mark  (YOO-däl) audio file

Udall, Morris K.  (YOO-däl) audio file

Udobi, Iyka Louis  (E-ka LOO-is o-DOB-e) audio file

Ueberroth, Peter  (YOO-b?-roth) audio file

Uecker, Bob  (YOOK-?r) audio file

Uelmen, Gerald  (UL-m?n) audio file

Ufland, Harry  (UF-l?nd) audio file

Uggams, Leslie  (UG-?mz) audio file

Ugland, Rudy  (YOOG-l?nd) audio file

Uhlenhuth, Karen  (OOL-?n-hooth) audio file

Uhlfelder, Steve  (YOO-fel-d?r) audio file

Uhlig, Myrna  (YOO-lig) audio file

Uhry, Alfred  (YOOR-e) audio file

Uhse, Beate  (ba-AT-? OOZ-?) audio file

Ukeles, Mierle Laderman  (MER-?l LAD-?r-m?n YOO-kä-les) audio file

Ulano, Mark  (yoo-LÄN-o) audio file

Ulanova, Galina  (gä-LEN-ä oo-LÄN-?-vä) audio file

Ulasewicz, Anthony T.  (y?-LAS-?-wits) audio file

Ulene, Dr. Art  (yoo-LEN) audio file

Ulion, Gretchen  (YOOL-e-?n) audio file

Ullman, Liv  (LEV OOL-män) audio file

Ullman, Tracey  (UL-m?n) audio file

Ulmer, Edgar  (OOL-m?r) audio file

Ulrich, Lars  (UL-rik) audio file

Ulrich, Lenore  (ÜL-rik) audio file

Ulrich, Skeet  (ÜL-rich) audio file

Ulvaeus, Bjorn  (BYÔRN ul-VA-us) audio file

Umeki, Miyoshi  (me-OSH-e oo-MEK-e) audio file

Umphrey, Chainey  (CHAN-e UM-fre) audio file

Unitas, Johnny  (yoo-NIT-?s) audio file

Urbanski, Calla  (KÄL-? ûr-BAN-ske) audio file

Ure, Mary  (YOOR) audio file

Urich, Robert  (YOOR-ik) audio file

Uris, Leon  (YOOR-is) audio file

Urquhart, Brian E.  (ÛRK-?rt) audio file

Urquidez, Benny  (ûr-KED-ez) audio file

Urzica, Marius  (ÜR-ze-kä) audio file

Uslin, Michael  (YOOS-lin) audio file

Ustinov, Peter  (YOOS-ti-nôf) audio file

Ustinov, Tamara  (TAM-?-r? YOOS-ti-nôf) audio file

Ustinov, Vladimir  (vlä-DE-mer oo-STE-nôf) audio file

Ustvolskaya, Galina  (oost-VOL-ski-?) audio file

Ut, Nick  (OOT) audio file

Utley, Garrick  (UT-le) audio file

Uttal, Fred  (yoo-TEL) audio file

Uttal, Larry  (YOO-täl) audio file

Utzon, Jorn  (YÔRN OOT-s?n) audio file

Uy, Rancis  (WE) audio file

Uydess, Ian L.  (E-?n YOO-des) audio file

Uys, Michael  (AS) audio file

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