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You Say It How?

LBPH Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures

“You Say it How?” is an audio-enhanced version of “Say How?,” a pronunciation guide of the names of lesser known and contemporary public figures. The guide was created for and is maintained by Ray Hagen for the Library of Congress Talking Book Studios of the National Library Service (NLS). Ray Hagen is the voice of“You Say it How?” and the project was monitored by Laura Giannarelli.

Background for the print guide is available at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/abc/
[ Listen to the background for this guide audio file ]
Notes on using the guide are at https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organization/standards-guidelines/nls-other-writings-say-how/

Audio addition underwritten by the Friends of Wolfner Library.


[ Pronunciation Key ]


Waage, Karl Mensch  (WÄ-ge) audio file

Waara, Scott  (WÄR-?) audio file

Wachtler, Sol  (WÄKT-l?r) audio file

Wachtmeister, Countess Ingrid  (VÄKHT-mis-t?r) audio file

Waddell, Tom  (wä-DEL) audio file

Wager, Doug  (WAG-?r) audio file

Wager, Michael  (WA-j?r) audio file

Waggoner, Lyle  (WAG-?-n?r) audio file

Waggoner, Porter  (WAG-?-n?r) audio file

Wagner, Honus  (HON-?s) audio file

Wahby, Mohammed  (mo-HÄM-?d WÄB-e) audio file

Waihee, John  (WA-he) audio file

Waissman, Kenneth  (WAS-m?n) audio file

Waite, Ralph  (WAT) audio file

Waitz, Grete  (GRAT-? VITS) audio file

Wajda, Andrzej  (ÄN-ja VID-ä) audio file

Waldheim, Kurt  (KÜRT VÄLT-him) audio file

Walesa, Lech  (LEK vä-WENZ-ä) audio file

Wallace, Cedric  (SED-rik) audio file

Wallace, Marcia  (MÄR-sh?) audio file

Wallach, Amei  (AM-i WÄL-ik) audio file

Wallach, Eli  (E-li WÄL-ik) audio file

Wallau, Alex  (WÄ-loo) audio file

Wallenda, Jack  (w?-LEN-d?) audio file

Wallenda, Karl  (w?-LEN-d?) audio file

Wallenstein, Alfred  (WÄL-?n-stin) audio file

Wallerstein, Judith S.  (WÄL-?r-sten) audio file

Wallinger, Karl  (WÄL-ing-g?r) audio file

Wallis, Shani  (SHAN-e) audio file

Walsh, Reve  (re-VA) audio file

Waltari, Mika  (MEK-? wäl-TÄR-e) audio file

Walter, Bruno  (VÄL-t?r) audio file

Walthall, Henry B.  (WÔL-thôl) audio file

Wambaugh, Eugene  (WÄM-bô) audio file

Wambaugh, Joseph  (WÄM-bô) audio file

Wamp, Zach  (ZAK WÄMP) audio file

Wamsley, Bill  (WÄMZ-le) audio file

Wanamaker, Zoe  (ZO-e) audio file

Wanderone, Rudolf "Minnesota Fats"  (WÄN-d?-ron) audio file

Wang, Charles  (WÄNG) audio file

Wang, Ching-Wei  (JING-WA-WÄNG) audio file

Wang, Garrett  (WÄNG) audio file

Wang, Vera  (WANG) audio file

Wangari, Maathai  (MÄ-te wän-GÄR-e) audio file

Wanger, Walter  (WAN-j?r) audio file

Wansell, Geoffrey  (wän-SEL) audio file

Waples, Gregory  (WAP-?lz) audio file

Warchus, Matthew  (WÔR-ch?s) audio file

Ward, Rohene  (ro-HEN) 

Ward, Sela  (SEL-?) audio file

Warenskjold, Dorothy  (WÄR-?n-shold) audio file

Warhol, Andy  (WÔR-hol) audio file

Warm, Hermann  (HÛR-män VÄRM) audio file

Warnke, John Paul  (WÔRN-ke) audio file

Warnou, Mark  (WÔR-no) audio file

Waronker, Lenny  (wä-RON-kir) audio file

Warrick, Ruth  (WÔR-ik) audio file

Warwick, Dionne  (de-ON WÔR-wik) audio file

Was, Don  (WÄZ) audio file

Washington, Fredi  (FRED-e) audio file

Washington, MaliVai  (mal-?-VE-y?) audio file

Washoe  (WÄSH-o) audio file

Wasserstein, Wendy  (WÄS-?r-sten) audio file

Watanabe, Keith  (wät-?-NÄ-be) audio file

Watkins, Levi  (LE-vi) audio file

Watkins, Maurine  (môr-EN) audio file

Watrous, Harry W.  (WOT-rus) audio file

Waugh, Alec  (WÔ) audio file

Waugh, Auberon  (ÔB-?r-on WÔ) audio file

Waugh, Evelyn  (EV-lin WÔ) audio file

Waugh, Frederick J.  (WÔ) audio file

Wauters, Annie  (WÔT-?rz) audio file

Wawryshyn, Evelyn "Evie"  (EV-e WÄR-?-sh?n) audio file

Wayans, Damon  (WA-?nz) audio file

Wayans, Keenan Ivory  (WA-?nz) audio file

Wayans, Kim  (WA-?nz) audio file

Wayans, Shawn  (WA-?nz) audio file

Weag, Frank  (WAG) audio file

Weah, George  (WE-?) 

Weaver, Sigourney  (s?-GÔRN-e) audio file

Webb, Gervase  (j?r-VAS) audio file

Webb, Karrie  (KÔR-e) audio file

Weber, Simon  (SHIM-?n VEB-?r) audio file

Wechsler, James  (WEX-l?r) audio file

Wedekind, Frank  (VED-?-kint) audio file

Wedeman, Ben  (WED-?-mun) audio file

Wedemeyer, LTG A.C.  (WED-?-mi-?r) 

Weede, Richard G.  (WED-e) audio file

Weede, Robert  (WED-e) audio file

Weege [Arthur Fellig]  (WE-je) audio file

Weege, Reinhold  (WEG-e) audio file

Wegener, Paul  (POUL VAG-?-n?r) audio file

Wei Wei  (WA WA) audio file

Weiben Stock, Nancy  (WEB-?n-stok) audio file

Weicker, Lowell  (WIK-er) audio file

Weide, Robert B.  (WID-e) audio file

Weider, Joe  (WED-?r) audio file

Weidman, Charles  (WID-m?n) audio file

Weigand, William  (WEG-?nd) audio file

Weihe, Fred  (WA) audio file

Weil, Andre  (VA) audio file

Weil, Andrew  (WIL) audio file

Weil, Cynthia  (WIL) audio file

Weil, Dr. Andrew  (WIL) 

Weil, Simone  (VA) audio file

Weiland, Scott  (WA-l?nd) audio file

Weill, Kurt  (KÜRT VIL) audio file

Weill, Sanford I.  (WIL) audio file

Weimorts, Albert L.  (WE-môrts) 

Wein, George  (WEN) audio file

Weinbrecht, Donna  (WIN-brekt) audio file

Weiner, Anthony  (WE-n?r) audio file

Weiner, Jack  (WEN-?r) audio file

Weiner, Mark  (WEN-?r) audio file

Weiner, Nancy  (WEN-?r) audio file

Weinger, Scott  (WIN-g?r) audio file

Weinstein, Allen  (WIN-ste) audio file

Weinstein, Bob  (WIN-sten) audio file

Weinstein, Harvey  (WIN-sten) audio file

Weinstein, Henry  (WIN-sten) audio file

Weintz, Peter  (WINTS) audio file

Weir, Bill  (WER) audio file

Weir, Bob  (WER) audio file

Weir, Dr. Bruce  (WER) audio file

Weir, Frank  (WER) audio file

Weir, Johnny  (WER) audio file

Weir, Peter  (WER) audio file

Weise, Jeff  (WES) audio file

Weisel, Heidi  (wi-ZEL) audio file

Weisiger, Audrey  (WI-s?-g?r) audio file

Weismuller, Johnny  (WIS-mul-?r) audio file

Weiss, Peter  (PAT-?r VIS) audio file

Weissflog, Jens  (YENZ VIS-flog) audio file

Weisz, Rachel  (VIS) audio file

Wek, Alek  (?-LEK) audio file

Welander, ADM Robert O.  (WE-lan-d?r) 

Welch, Raquel  (rä-KEL) audio file

Wellbacher, Bill  (WIL-bak-?r) audio file

Wells, Gip  (JIP) audio file

Wen, Sun  (SOON WEN) audio file

Wenc, Christine  (WENS) audio file

Wences, Senor  (SEN-yôr WEN-sis) audio file

Wendell, Bud  (WEN-d?l) audio file

Wenders, Wim  (VIM VEN-dûrz) audio file

Wenge, Ralph  (WENG-ge) audio file

Wenner, Jann  (YÄN WEN-?r) audio file

Wenzell, Marge  (WEN-z?l) audio file

Werbach, Adam  (WÛR-bäk) audio file

Werfel, Franz  (FRÄNTS VÛR-fil) audio file

Werner, Oscar  (VÛR-nir) audio file

Werrenrath, Reinald  (RIN-?ld WER-in-rath) audio file

Wertheimer, Linda  (WÛRTH-hi-m?r) audio file

Weschler, Walter "Wally"  (WESH-l?r) audio file

Wesolowski, Paul  (wes-?-LOF-ske) audio file

West, Kanye  (KÄN-ya) audio file

Westenhoefer, Suzanne  (WES-tin-hof-?r) audio file

Westin, Av  (ÄV) audio file

Westmore, Perc  (PÛRS) audio file

Wetzel, Lisa  (LES-? WET-z?l) audio file

Wever, Ned  (WEV-?r) 

Weygand, Bob  (WA-g?nd) audio file

Weygand, Maxime  (VA-GÄN) audio file

Weyl, Carl  (WIL) audio file

Weyl, Nathaniel  (WIL) audio file

Weyland, Otto P.  (WA-l?nd) audio file

Weyrich, Paul  (WI-rik) audio file

Whalen, Arleen  (WA-l?n) audio file

Whalen, Grover  (WA-l?n) audio file

Whalen, Michael  (WA-l?n) audio file

Whatley, Dixie  (HWÄT-le) audio file

Whelan, Wendy  (WE-l?n) audio file

Whelchel, Lisa  (LES-? WEL-ch?l) audio file

Whitcher, Frances Miriam  (WICH-?r) audio file

White, Francia  (FRAN-che-?) audio file

White, Jesse  (JES-e) audio file

White, Lillias  (LIL-e-?s) audio file

White, Onna  (ON-ä) audio file

White, Paulette Childress  (CHIL-dr?s) audio file

Whitesall, Patrick  (WIT-säl) audio file

Whitfield, Charles Malik  (mä-LEK) audio file

Whitfield, Weslia  (WES-l?) audio file

Whitley, Joe  (WIT-le) audio file

Wholey, Dennis  (HOL-e) audio file

Wie, Michelle  (WE) audio file

Wieck, Randy  (WEK) audio file

Wiedlin, Jane  (WED-lin) audio file

Wiener, Robert  (WEN-?r) audio file

Wiese, Thomas  (WES) audio file

Wiesel, Elie  (EL-e ve-ZEL) audio file

Wieseltier, Leon  (VEZ-?l-ter) audio file

Wiesenthal, Simon  (VEZ-?n-täl) audio file

Wiest, Diane  (WEST) audio file

Wiest, Dwight  (WEST) audio file

Wigand, Jeffrey  (WI-gand) audio file

Wiig, Kristen  (WIG) 

Wilander, Mats  (MÄTS VE-l?n-d?r) audio file

Wilcoxon, Henry  (WIL-kox-?n) audio file

Wilczek, Frank  (WIL-chek) audio file

Wilde, Meta  (MET-?) audio file

Wildmon, Rev. Donald  (WILD-m?n) audio file

Wilentz, Sean  (SHÔN w?-LENTS) audio file

Wilhelm, David  (WIL-helm) audio file

Wilkinson, Colm  (KOM) audio file

Willes, Mark H.  (WIL-?s) audio file

Williams, Dakin  (DAK-?n) audio file

Williams, Deniece  (d?-NES) audio file

Williams, Edy  (ED-e) audio file

Williams, Guinn "Big Boy"  (GWIN) audio file

Williams, Lia  (LE-?) audio file

Williams, Rhys  (RES) audio file

Williams, Wendy Lian  (LE-an) audio file

Williamson, Mykelti  (MIK-?l-te) audio file

Williamson, Nicol  (NIK-?l) audio file

Willinger, Laszlo  (LAZ-lo WIL-?n-j?r) audio file

Willis, Rumer  (ROOM-?r) audio file

Wilmut, Dr. Jan  (E-?n) audio file

Wilson, Ame  (AM) audio file

Wilson, Gahan  (GA-?n) audio file

Wilson, Gillian  (JIL-e-?n) audio file

Wilson, Mari  (MÄR-e) audio file

Wilson, Peta  (PET-?) audio file

Wiman, Dwight Deere  (DER WI-m?n) audio file

Winant, Scott  (WIN-?nt) audio file

Wind, Herbert Warren  (WIND) audio file

Wind, Timothy  (WIND) audio file

Winder, Ludwig  (LOOT-vik VIN-d?r) audio file

Winding, Kai  (KI WIND-ing) audio file

Windust, Bretaigne  (br?-TAN WIN-dust) audio file

Winer, Johathan  (WIN-?r) audio file

Winfrey, Oprah  (OP-r? WIN-fre) audio file

Winninger, Charles  (WIN-?n-j?r) audio file

Winningham, Mare  (MÂR WIN-ing-ham) audio file

Winokur, Marissa Jaret  (JAR-?t w?-NO-k?r) audio file

Winslet, Kate  (WINZ-l?t) audio file

Winslow, Thyra Samter  (THI-r?) audio file

Wintour, Anna  (WIN-t?r) audio file

Wirges, William F.  (WÛR-jis) audio file

Wischusen, Bob  (w?-SHOO-z?n) 

Wiseman, Joseph  (WIZ-m?n) audio file

Wisniewski, Connie  (wis-NOO-ske) audio file

Wisniewski, David  (wis-NES-ke) audio file

Wispelwey, Pieter  (VIS-p?l-va) audio file

Witt, Paul Junger  (YUNG-g?r) audio file

Wixell, Ingvar  (ING-vär VIX-el) audio file

Wizan, Joe  (WI-zan) audio file

Wnuk, Christine  (v?-NÜK) audio file

Wnukowski, Daniel  (vnoo-KÔF-ske) 

Wodehouse, P.G.  (WÜD-hous) audio file

Woese, Carl R.  (WOZ) audio file

Woetzel, Damian  (WET-z?l) audio file

Woetzel, Mandy  (VÛT-s?l) audio file

Wogaman, Rev. J. Philip  (WOG-?-m?n) audio file

Woiwode, Larry  (WI-wüd-e) audio file

Wojciechowski, Susan  (wo-ji-KOU-ske) audio file

Wojewodski, Stan  (voi-e-VUD-ske) audio file

Wojnarowicz, David A.  (wo-n?-RO-vich) audio file

Wojtyla, Karol Cardinal [Pope John Paul II]  (voi-TE-wä) audio file

Wolodarsky, Wally  (wo-lo-DÄR-ske) audio file

Woo, Roh Tae  (RO-TA-OO) audio file

Wood, Trois  (TROI) audio file

Woodard, Alfre  (AL-fre) audio file

Woolcott, Alexander  (WÜL-k?t) audio file

Woolsey, Lynn  (WÜL-ze) audio file

Worner, Manfred  (MÄN-fred VÛR-nir) audio file

Worrell, Alice  (WÔR-?l) audio file

Worsthorne, Peregrine  (PER-?-gren WÔRS-thôrn) audio file

Worthy, Kym  (KIM) audio file

Wouk, Herman  (WOK) audio file

Woulfe, Michael  (WÜLF) audio file

Wozniak, Stephen  (WOZ-ne-ak) audio file

Wragge, Adrian  (RAG-e) audio file

Wragge, Chris  (RAG-e) audio file

Wragge, Eddie  (RAG-e) audio file

Wragge, Elizabeth  (RAG-e) audio file

Wrede, Patricia C.  (ReD-e) audio file

Wright, Chely  (SHEL-e) audio file

Wu, David  (WOO) audio file

Wu, Harry  (WOO) audio file

Wuerffel, Danny  (WÛR-f?l) audio file

Wuerl, Donald  (WÛRL) audio file

Wuhl, Robert  (WÜL) audio file

Wuhrer, Kari  (KAR-e WUR-?r) audio file

Wunsch, Robert  (WÜNSH) audio file

Wuornos, Aileen  (i-LEN WÔR-nos) audio file

Wurtzel, Sol  (WÛRT-z?l) audio file

Wycherly, Margaret  (WICH-?r-le) audio file

Wyldeck, Martin  (WIL-dek) audio file

Wyle, Noah  (WI-le) audio file

Wynberg, Henry  (WIN-bûrg) audio file

Wynette, Tammy  (wi-NET) audio file

Wyngaarden, James  (WIN-gärd-?n) audio file

Wyngarde, Peter  (WIN-gärd) audio file

Wynonna  (wi-NO-n?) audio file

Wynter, Dana  (DON-ä WIN-t?r) audio file

Wynyard, Diana  (WIN-y?rd) audio file

Wyse, John  (WIZ) audio file

Wysong, Gordon  (WI-sông) audio file

Wythe, John  (WITH) audio file

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