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Anchors Aweigh

December 2011

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The Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land) take their name from the elements in and from which they operate. Their stealth and clandestine methods of operation allow them to conduct multiple missions against targets that larger forces cannot approach undetected. From their beginning in 1962 they have proved themselves to be a special breed of men. If you like books with plenty of action, you will enjoy this selection of fiction books featuring the Navy SEALs.

American Heroes in Special Operations by Oliver North
Read by Phil Gigante. Reading time 6 hours 40 minutes.
Former marine lieutenant colonel describes the training and missions of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and others who fought terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines from 2001-2010 as part of the U.S. Special Operations Command. Violence. Commercial audiobook.
Download American Heroes in Special Operations: DB73091

The Commandos: The Inside Story of America's Secret Soldiers by Douglas C. Waller
Read by Gregory Gorton. Reading time 16 hours 2 minutes.
Waller, defense and foreign policy correspondent for Newsweek, reports on the work of the more than 40,000 soldiers in the United States Special Operations Command. He spent time with four groups--Green Berets, Delta Force, Navy SEALS, and Pave Low teams--as well as with former members of these special forces. He also discusses their involvement in Desert Storm. Some strong language and violence.
Download The Commandos: The Inside Story of America's Secret Soldiers: DB39046

Executive Power by Vince Flynn.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 13 hours 10 minutes.
CIA agent Mitch Rapp directs the search for a terrorist whose goal is to ignite war in the Middle East. Rapp is ready to fight the war on terrorism from CIA headquarters rather than the front line until a platoon of Navy SEALs, sent to the Philippines to save an American family kidnapped by radical Islamic terrorists, is caught in a deadly ambush. The mission had been top secret, so who told the enemy? Mitch Rapp, Book 5. Violence and strong language.
Download Executive Power:  DB56302

Fatal Tide by Iris Johansen.
Read by Kristin Allison. Reading time 7 hours 17 minutes.
After the apparent death of her foster father, dolphin researcher Melis Nemid continues his search for a legendary underwater city believed to harbor powerful technological secrets. Assisting her is ex-Navy SEAL Jed Kelby, who finds the opportunity, and Melis, irresistible. So does a killer. Some descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language.
Download Fatal Tide:  DB56902

From the Depths by Gerry Doyle
Read by Martha Harmon Pardee. Reading time 9 hours 22 minutes.
A North Korean submarine is found off the U.S. coast, its thirty defecting crew members all dead. Forensic specialist Christine Myers joins a Navy SEAL team onboard to investigate. As she finds evidence of mutiny and bioweapons, the SEALs mysteriously succumb one by one. Strong language and some violence.
Download From the Depths: DB67275

Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann
Read by Barbara Pinolini. Reading time 17 hours 44 minutes.
When Navy SEAL Sam Starrett arrives at his wife's Florida home to finalize their divorce, he finds a woman murdered and his infant daughter missing. FBI agent Alyssa Locke--Sam's former lover--heads an investigation possibly linked to the terrorist plot in Into the Night (RC 55522). Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex.
Download Gone Too Far:  DB56772

The Last Days by Joel C. Rosenberg
Read by David Hartley-Margolin. Reading time 16 hours 15 minutes.
Senior presidential advisor Jon Bennett and his CIA partner, Erin McCoy, are in Jerusalem to implement an Arab-Israeli peace plan. When Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is assassinated Gaza erupts in violence. Meanwhile, a suicide bomber approaches Washington, D.C. Sequel to The Last Jihad (RC 55521). Violence and some strong language.
Download The Last Days:  DB57970

Lip Service: The Lone Star Sisters, Book 2 by Susan Mallery
Read by Julie-Ann Eillott. Reading time 9 hours 49 minutes.
Eight years ago Skye Titan married her powerful father's friend, despite her relationship with neighboring rancher Mitch Cassidy. Now Mitch, injured and bitter, returns home from serving in the Navy SEALS and suspects that he is the father of widow Skye's child. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.
Download Lip Service: DB69633

Minutes to Burn by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz
Read by Erin Jones. Reading time 15 hours 39 minutes.
Earthquakes and hurricanes threaten the Western Hemisphere in 2007. Scientists, led by Rex Williams, as well as Cameron and Justin Kates and other Navy SEALS, are sent to the Galapagos islands to set up monitoring equipment. There they encounter mutant insects and a virus. Violence and strong language.
Download Minutes to Burn: DB54523

The Monkey Handlers by G. Gordon Liddy.
Read by Chuck Benson. Reading time 12 hours 52 minutes.
Lawyer Michael Stone, an ex-Navy SEAL, represents Sara Rosen, an animal activist arrested for trespassing at a pharmaceutical plant. Her incriminating photographs of the animal research lab threaten to expose the German owners, who will do anything to stop her. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex.
Download The Monkey Handlers: DB55908

The Perfect Soldier: Special Operations, Commandos, and the Future of U.S. Warfare by James F. Dunnigan
Read by Butch Hoover. Reading time 13 hours 13 minutes.
Military analyst surveys the evolution of elite combat units, focusing on the twentieth century. Discusses tactics of the Russian Spetsnaz, British Special Air Service, U.S. Navy SEALS, and other special forces operating during World War II, the Vietnam conflict, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  
Download The Perfect Soldier: DB58680

Rogue Warrior: Option Delta by Richard Marcinko
Read by Roy Avers. Reading time 10 hours 34 minutes.
In this sequel to Rogue Warrior: SEAL Force Alpha (RC 46901), Richard Marcinko and his team of Navy SEALs are sent to Germany's Rhine Valley to recover a pair of U.S. ADMs--Atomic Demolition Munitions. Tensions are high as Rogue Warrior takes matters into his own hands. Violence and strong language.
Download Rogue Warrior: Option Delta: DB56113

Without Remorse: A John Kelly Novel by Tom Clancy
Read by David Hartley-Margolin. Reading time 27 hours 15 minutes.
John Kelly can't blame anyone when his pregnant wife is killed in a traffic accident by a runaway truck. But months later, when his new girlfriend is mowed down by her drug-dealing pimps, Kelly has a target for revenge. At the same time, he must don his "Clark" identity (from his Navy Seals days) and, once more, help his government out in Vietnam. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.
Download Without Remorse: DB37058