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Trappers, Traders, Explorers, Mountain Men


December 2011

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Alaska by James A. Michener
Read by Bob Askey. Reading time 47 hours 17 minutes.
Heroes and villains, both real and fictional, abound in this epic historical novel which begins with a brief geologic history and then leaps into the eighteenth century. The novel touches on topics such as the major native groups, the European explorers, Russian and American colonization, the Gold Rush, and Alaska's statehood. Bestseller.
Download Alaska, DB26997

Beauty for Ashes: A Novel of the Mountain Men by Win Blevins
Read by Jim Zeiger. Reading time 12 hours 45 minutes.
Rocky Mountains, 1820s. Mountain man Sam Morgan seeks Meadowlark, the Crow woman he loves. But when Sam faces competition from a Crow warrior, he realizes he must learn the tribe's ways to win Meadowlark's heart. Sequel to So Wild a Dream (RC 61705). Some violence and some strong language. 2004.
Download Beauty for Ashes, DB70220

The Black West by William Loren Katz
Read by Butch Hoover. Reading time 9 hours 17 minutes.
History of the contributions of African American men and women who populated the American West from the sixteenth-century age of exploration to the early twentieth century. Portrays fur traders, homesteaders, buffalo soldiers, con men, mail-order brides, cowboys, politicians, and others and highlights their struggle for equality. Some strong language. 2005.
Download The Black West, DB64870

Exploring the West by Herman J. Viola.
Read by Jake Williams. Reading time 7 hours 13 minutes.
The story of nineteenth-century pioneers who blazed trails across the West: surveyors, scientists, mountain men, fur trappers, engineers, artists, settlers, and many more. Tells the stories of men such as Kit Carson, Zebulon Pike, and John C. Fremont, and about the expeditions, railroads, gold rush, and Indians that were all part of the exploration of the West.
Download Exploring the West, DB28241

Fair Land, Fair Land by A.B. Guthrie Jr.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 6 hours 58 minutes.
Mid-nineteenth century. After mountain man Dick Summers guides a wagon train to Oregon, he heads to the Rockies to marry Teal Eye and seek retribution from ex-friend Boone Caudill. Sequel to The Way West.. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 1982.
Download Fair Land, Fair Land, DB68704

The First Mountain Man: The First Mountain Man, Book 1 by William W. Johnstone
Read by John Polk. Reading time 10 hours 17 minutes.
Oregon Trail, 1837. East of the Absaroka Range, the mountain man called Preacher encounters an unfriendly band of Arapaho and their terrified captives. Preacher frees the missionaries--two men and two women--and promises them safety, although toting four greenhorns through hostile territory won't be easy. Precedes Blood on the Divide (DB 53030). 1991.
Download The First Mountain Man, DB57247  

Folly and Glory: The Berrybender Narratives, Book 4 by Larry McMurtry
Read by Derald Breneman. Reading time 9 hours 40 minutes.
Tasmin and the Berrybender brood flee south from Santa Fe, facing hardship and death along the way. After Tasmin's husband, mountain man Jim Snow, rescues them, he avenges the murder of his Indian family. Sequel to By Sorrow's River (RC 57968). Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.
Download Folly and Glory, DB60239

Give Your Heart to the Hawks: A Tribute to the Mountain Men by Win Blevins
Read by Jim Zeiger. Reading time 12 hours 51 minutes.
Spur Award-winning writer profiles early-nineteenth-century explorers, trappers, and traders including Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith, and John Colter. Portrays men such as Hugh Glass, who after being mauled by a bear and left for dead, crawled two hundred fifty miles to safety. Some violence and some strong language. 1973.
Download Give Your Heart to the Hawks, DB69064

A Newer World: Kit Carson, John C. Fremont, and the Claiming of the American West by David Roberts
Read by Rick Foucheux. Reading time 11 hours 14 minutes.
Highlights the adventures and private lives of two western explorers, including their most infamous trips--a 1842 expedition to Wyoming, the "Conquest of California" in 1845-1846, a disastrous trek in 1848-1849 that ended in cannibalism, and Carson's 1863-1864 roundup of Native American tribes.
Download A Newer World, DB51623

North Star: A Barnaby Skye Novel by Richard S. Wheeler
Read by David Hartley-Margolin. Reading time 9 hours 21 minutes.
1870. Facing an aging body and a changing West, mountain man Barnaby Skye contemplates settling down. While Barnaby and his wife Victoria confront brutal Texas cattlemen and cheating Indian agents, Barnaby's other wife, Mary, sets out to find their son, whom Barnaby sent away to school years before. 2009.
Download North Star, DB69922  

The Oregon Trail: An American Saga by David Dary.
Read by Michael Russotto. Reading time 18 hours 2 minutes.
Author of The Santa Fe Trail (RC 53106) chronicles the history of the 2,000-mile route linking Missouri to Oregon used primarily from the 1840s to 1869, when the transcontinental railroad was completed. Recreates experiences of explorers, Indians, fur traders, immigrants, missionaries, mountain men, and pioneers who traversed the trail.
Download The Oregon Trail, DB60598

Outlaws All by Max Brand
Read by Bob Askey. Reading time 8 hours 33 minutes.
Three short stories that first appeared in magazines in the 1920s and 1930s. In the title story, mountain man Bull Hunter tames a wolf-dog nicknamed the "Ghost" by the ranchers whose cattle he raids. Some violence.
Download Outlaws All, DB47941

The Revenant by Michael Punke
Read by Ted Stoddard. Reading time 9 hours 9 minutes.
Missouri River tributaries, 1823. When a trapper is mauled by a grizzly, he is left behind with two volunteers who soon abandon him. Deserted, defenseless, and enraged, he vows to survive--and exact his revenge. Based on the real life of fur trapper Hugh Glass. Some violence and some strong language. 2002.
Download The Revenant, DB59088