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Cozy Mysteries in Series

July 2012

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Agatha Raisin Series by M.C. Beaton
Agatha Raisin is a frustrated, yet endearing, middle-aged public-relations agent who moved from London to Carsely in the Cotswolds when she sold her public-relations firm in Mayfair and took early retirement. She solves murders in each of the earlier books, but in the fifteenth book Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance (2004) Agatha sets up her own detective agency. The police, and even some of her acquaintances, insist that she solves crimes through accident and luck.

DB38163  Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
DB39537 Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet
DB40641 Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener
DB40642 Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley
DB47851 Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist
DB60224 Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death
DB60497 Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham
DB59686 Agatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfam
DB54470 Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell
DB57297 Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came
DB57991 Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate
DB58482 Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House
DB60770 The Deadly Dance
DB60748 The Perfect Paragon an Agatha Raisin Mystery
DB64814 Love, Lies, and Liquor
DB68104 Kissing Christmas Goodbye
DB68833 A Spoonful of Poison
DB70877 There Goes the Bride
DB72939 Busy Body
DB74663 As the Pig Turns

The Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun
The "Cat Who" books center around the life of former newspaper reporter, James Qwilleran, and his two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum, in the fictitious small town of Pickax located in Moose County "400 miles north of everywhere."

DB34788 The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
DB40270 The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern
DB39656 The Cat Who Turned On and Off
DB25132 The Cat Who Saw Red
DB35518 The Cat who Played Brahms
DB35536 The Cat who Played Post Office
DB29477 The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare
DB29164 The Cat who Sniffed Glue
DB29945 The Cat Who Went Underground
DB30691 The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts
DB33455 The Cat Who Lived High
DB33478 The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal
DB34783 The Cat Who Moved a Mountain
DB35584 The Cat Who Wasn't There
DB36441 The Cat Who Went into the Closet
DB39858 The Cat Who Came to Breakfast
DB39490 The Cat Who Blew the Whistle
DB41656 The Cat Who Said Cheese
DB44143 The Cat Who Tailed a Thief
DB46432 The Cat Who Sang for the Birds
DB47906 The Cat Who Saw Stars
DB49500 The Cat Who Robbed a Bank
DB53663 The Cat Who Went up the Creek
DB55345 The Cat Who Brought Down the House
DB57377 The Cat Who Talked Turkey
DB59520 The Cat Who Went Bananas
DB61762 The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
DB63760 The Cat Who Had Sixty Whiskers

Claire Malloy series by Joan Hess
She's a single mother, a bookstore owner, and a part-time sleuth in Faberville, Arkansas.

DB64062 Strangled Prose
DB54608 A Diet to Die For
DB64805 Busy Bodies
DB64070 A Conventional Corpse
DB57291 Out on a Limb
DB61861 The Goodbye Body
DB65438 Damsels in Distress

Culinary series by Diane Mott Davidson
Goldy Bear, caterer, as she solves murders and tries to keep her fledgling business afloat. There's a nasty ex, a little romance, and some wonderful recipes!

DB68789 Catering to Nobody
DB52160 Dying for Chocolate
DB72731 The Last Suppers
DB71905 Killer Pancake
DB72480 The Main Corpse
DB45060 The Grilling Season
DB47760 Prime Cut
DB51377 Tough Cookie
DB51891 Sticks & Scones
DB54456 Chopping Spree
DB59547 Double Shot
DB62406 Dark Tort
DB65348 Sweet Revenge
DB68870 Fatally Flaky
DB73002 Crunch Time

Daisy Dalrymple series by Carola Dunn
The hero is the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple, a freelance writer, sometimes known as "Miss Daisy". Daisy's beau and later husband is Chief Detective Alec Fletcher. He tries, unsuccessfully to keep her out of crime investigations. His superiors at the Yard are terrified of her meddling but find it difficult to stop her because of her very high social position.

DB72569 Death at Wentwater Court
DB69857 The Winter Garden Mystery
DB70909 Requiem for a Mezzo
DB72579 Murder on the Flying Scotsman
DB47577 Damsel in Distress
DB72588 Dead in the Water
DB70939 Styx and Stones
DB73575 To Davy Jones Below
DB73122 Mistletoe and Murder
DB73142 Die Laughing
DB71022 Fall of a Philanderer
DB66337 Gunpowder Plot
DB67092 The Bloody Tower
DB68451 Black Ship
DB72213 Sheer Folly
DB73585 Anthem for Doomed Youth

Ellie Haskell series by Dorothy Cannell
Ellie Haskell, Interior Decorator, Ben Haskell, Chef & Author, Primrose & Hyacinth Tramwell, sisters & Detection Agency Owners.

DB66292 The Thin Woman
DB70117 Mum's the Word
DB38146 Femmes Fatal
DB69608 How to Murder Your Mother-in-Law
DB69631 How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams
DB65823 The Spring Cleaning Murders
DB49068 The Trouble with Harriet
DB68059  Bridesmaids Revisited
DB64764 Withering Heights
DB69813  Goodbye, Ms. Chips
DB70142  She Shoots to Conquer

English Garden Mystery series by Anthony Eglin
Mysteries foul and fiendish, with plots that twist and turn like wayward vines, Anthony Eglin's stories are hybridized for those with a touch of gardening in their souls. Short on blood and gore but long on suspense and intrigue.

DB65281  The Blue Rose
DB65103  The Lost Gardens
DB65305 The Water Lily Cross
DB69682  The Trail of the Wild Rose

Faith Fairchild series by Katherine Hall Page
During her years spent in New York City. Faith Fairchild was convinced she had seen pretty much everything. But the transplanted caterer/minister's wife was unprepared for the surprises awaiting her in the sleepy Massachusetts village of Aleford.
DB31471  The Body in the Belfry
DB38155  The Body in the Vestibule
DB58641  The Body in the Basement
DB43024 The Body in the Bog
DB48485  The Body in the Bookcase
DB54609  The Body in the Bonfire
DB57193  The Body in the Lighthouse
DB58716  The Body in the Attic
DB61863 The Body in the Snowdrift
DB64836 The Body in the Ivy
DB66797  The Body in the Gallery
DB70790  The Body in the Sleigh

Gardening series by Ann Ripley
Louise Eldridge is the host of a local television gardening show called "Gardening with Nature" where she provides her audience with gardening tips and advice. Through her very satisfying career, Louise manages to stumble across dead bodies here and there. Always catching the killer, much to the chagrin of the police, she is a witty and entertaining character.

DB67674  Mulch
DB68689  Death of a Garden Pest
DB67867  Death of a Political Plant
DB67906  The Garden Tour Affair
DB68187  The Perennial Killer
DB65553  Harvest of Murder
DB57461  The Christmas Garden Affair
DB57460  Death at the Spring Plant Sale
DB62263  Summer Garden Murder
DB64433  Death in the Orchid Garden

Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke
Hannah is realistic and intelligent, and has a life interesting enough to make us happy to follow her around. The plots are well thought out and captivating and the clues are there to be found by readers who treat mysteries like puzzles to solve. There are great recipes that are so easy to follow even I can make them, and the teaching that is common in cozy mysteries, this time about food, is not overpowering. The cat that is almost obligatory in cozies is unusually well-portrayed and interesting.

DB54603 Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
DB53725  Strawberry Shortcake Murder
DB55213  Blueberry Muffin Murder
DB57480  Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
DB58266  Fudge Cupcake Murder
DB61409  Peach Cobbler Murder
DB62220  Cherry Cheesecake Murder
DB65255  Key Lime Pie Murder
DB68803  Carrot Cake Murder
DB68778  Cream Puff Murder
DB70865  Plum Pudding Murder
DB70782  Apple Turnover Murder
DB73015 Devil's Food Cake Murder
DB72467  Gingerbread Cookie Murder

Isabel Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith
Isabel Dalhousie loves solving problems and is particularly fond of pondering and answering philosophical questions posed to her as editor of The Review of Applied Ethics. But, like McCall Smith's previous heroine, Precious Ramotswe, she often embroils herself in problems that are none of her business, including some that are best left to the police.

DB58888  The Sunday Philosophy Club
DB61536  Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
DB64006 The Right Attitude to Rain
DB65878  The Careful Use of Compliments
DB67833 The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday
DB69765  The Lost Art of Gratitude
DB73259  The Charming Quirks of Others
DB74681  The Forgotten Affairs of Youth

Melanie Travis series by Laurien Berenson
In the Melanie Travis series of murder mysteries, the primary protagonist is a school teacher, Melanie Travis, who owns and shows several full size pedigree Standard Poodles. All of her (mis)adventures involve the dog show circuit in varying degrees, providing an entertaining view into the world of raising and showing dogs.

DB71008 A Pedigree to Die For
DB43092 Underdog
DB66119 Dog Eat Dog
DB62360 Hair of the Dog
DB62362  Watchdog
DB60153  Hush Puppy
DB62361  Unleashed
DB59702 Once Bitten
DB60133  Hot Dog
DB59379 Jingle Bell Bark
DB65858  Raining Cats and Dogs
DB65684  Chow Down
DB67023 Hounded to Death
DB68343  Doggie Day Care Murder

Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross
This series will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice all in one book!!

DB49141  Miss Julia Speaks her Mind
DB52836 Miss Julia Takes Over
DB54718  Miss Julia Throws a Wedding
DB56262  Miss Julia Hits the Road
DB58135  Miss Julia Meets her Match
DB60434 Miss Julia's School of Beauty
DB36070  Miss Julia Stands her Ground
DB64872  Miss Julia Strikes Back
DB67666  Miss Julia Paints the Town
DB68898  Miss Julia Delivers the Goods
DB71530  Miss Julia Renews Her Vows
DB73493  Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle
DB74723  Miss Julia to the Rescue

Murder, She Wrote series by Donald Bain
The novels of the series tend to follow a similar format to episodes of the TV Show. Starting with Jessica either meeting the soon to be deceased or discovering a Body, and continues with Jessica being drawn into the middle of the investigation, and ultimately solving the case. The novels frequently include recurring characters from the series such as Seth Hazlitt, Mort Metzger, Grady Fletcher, Michael Haggarty, Harry McGraw and Dennis Stanton whom frequently drag Jessica into adventures involving grave danger and even espionage.

DB60616  Gin and Daggers
DB60587 Manhattans and Murder
DB57579  Rum and Razors
DB60588  Brandy and Bullets
DB57551  Martinis & Mayhem
DB61107  A Deadly Judgment
DB57576  A Palette for Murder
DB70123  The Highland Fling Murders
DB57581  Murder on the QE2
DB60308  Murder in Moscow
DB57577  A Little Yuletide Murder
DB60113  Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch
DB71632 Knock 'Em Dead
DB70914  Trick or Treachery
DB60615  Blood on the Vine
DB57580 Provence--to Die for
DB70921  You Bet Your Life
DB57578 Majoring in Murder
DB57727  Destination Murder
DB69601  Dying to Retire
DB70940  A Vote for Murder
DB63524  Margaritas and Murder
DB69620  A Question of Murder
DB64599  Three Strikes and You're Dead
DB72520  Coffee, Tea, or Murder?
DB72547  Panning for Murder
DB72142 Murder on Parade

Jane Arnold series by Rita Mae Brown
Rita Mae Brown takes us into a realm few of us can imagine, that of the deeply embedded traditions and rigid rules of conduct that thrive in the prestigious Jefferson Hunt Club. Jane "Sister" Arnold, an expert hunter who understands animals as well as she understands people, has been master of the hunt club for decades and has earned the respect and loyalty of the small Virginia community. Now in her 70s, she knows she must plan for the hunt club's future and nominate a joint-master -- a position of the highest honor in hunting society. One some would kill for.

DB50586 Outfoxed
DB57451  Hotspur
DB61795 The Hunt ball
DB64491  The Hounds and the Fury
DB74193 The Tell-Tale Horse
DB68807 Hounded to Death

Jane Jeffry series by Jill Churchill
Jane Jeffries is a suburban housewife who solves mysteries that just seem to pop up as her neighbors and others get murdered. Her neighbor and best friend Shelley is usually right at her side when there are cases to investigate.

DB68692 Grime and Punishment
DB68909 A Farewell to Yarns
DB69215  A Quiche before Dying
DB69221 The Class Menagerie
DB69254  A Knife to Remember
DB72711  From Here to Paternity
DB59572  Silence of the Hams
DB58655  War and Peas
DB59741  Fear of Frying
DB54228  The Merchant of Menace
DB53423  A Groom with a View
DB53424  Mulch Ado about Nothing
DB55577  The House of Seven Mabels
DB59349  Bell, Book, and Scandal
DB62497  A Midsummer Night's Scream
DB64643  The Accidental Florist

Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear
Maisie is a "psychologist and investigator" in post World War I London. A nurse during the war, Maisie returned to London to work with her mentor, accomplished detective Dr. Maurice Blanche. When Blanche retires, Maisie opens her own detective agency.

DB67808  Maisie Dobbs
DB67834  Birds of a Feather
DB67865  Pardonable Lies
DB67114  Messenger of Truth
DB67909  An Incomplete Revenge
DB68519  Among the Mad
DB71142  The Mapping of Love and Death
DB73221  A Lesson in Secrets
DB74597 Elegy for Eddie

Maxie and Stretch series by Sue Henry
Maxine "Maxie" McNabb is a widow who travels the US in her Winnebago with her mini-dachshund Stretch.

DB59904  The Serpents Trail
DB64779  The Tooth of Time
DB63675  The Refuge

Pennsylvania Dutch series
In a wickedly funny new mystery series with a cast of eccentric characters and a spiked plot with a tasty selection of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch recipes. Magdalena Yoder, practical Mennonite proprietor of the determinedly quaint PennDutch Inn, has succeeded in converting a tranquil family farm into a thriving hostelry catering to sophisticated urbanites with a yen for charm and Amish ambience.

DB57950 Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Crime
DB55399 No Use Dying over Spilled Milk
DB55398 Between a Wok and a Hard Place
DB55402 Eat, Drink, and be Wary
DB55401 Play it Again, Spam
DB55404 The Hand that Rocks the Ladle
DB55848 The Crepes of Wrath
DB57676 Custard's Last Stand
DB58261 Thou Shalt Not Grill
DB60494 Assault and Pepper
DB62436 Grape Expectations
DB65109 Hell Hath no Curry
DB70227 As the World Churns
DB69673 Batter off Dead
DB72935 Butter Safe than Sorry

Puzzle Lady series by Parnell Hall
Cora Felton, the Puzzle Lady, couldn't do a crossword puzzle if her life depended on it. Her niece, Sherry Carter, constructs them for her. Cora hates puzzles, but loves solving crime.

DB54707 Puzzled to Death
DB56298 A Puzzle in a Pear Tree
DB58422 With this Puzzle, I thee kill
DB60183 And a Puzzle to Die on
DB62355 Stalking the Puzzle Lady
DB63933 You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled
DB69731 Dead Man's Puzzle
DB72654 The Puzzle Lady vs. the Sudoku Lady

Southern Sisters series by Anne George
Features two sisters ("Mouse" and "Sister") in Alabama who could NOT possibly be more different. Anne George is able to highlight the sisters' differences while showing just how close two sisters ought to be!

DB59449 Murder Runs in the Family
DB49044 Murder Gets a Life
DB51503 Murder Carries a Torch
DB53567 Murder Boogies with Elvis