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Foreign Travel

May 2012

To order any of these titles, contact the library by email, mail or phone. You may also request these titles online through WolfPAC. All books listed are linked to Braille and Audio Reading Download site (BARD) for downloading. Happy Reading!

The 8:55 to Baghdad by Andrew Eames.
Read by Dan Bloom. Reading time 13 hours 14 minutes.
British journalist recounts his travels by train in 2002 from London to Baghdad, which replicated Agatha Christie's journey in 1928. Eames interweaves the account of his own adventures in the tumultuous Middle East with Christie's life story, providing background on the culture and history of the places en route. 2004.
Download The 8:55 to Baghdad, DB61748

Access in London: A Guide for People Who Have Problems Getting Around by Gordon Couch.
Read by George Holmes. Reading time 21 hours 23 minutes.
Presents detailed information about travel, accommodations, tourist attractions, and leisure activities in London and the nearby area for people with mobility problems. Includes suggestions for those with impaired hearing or eyesight. Contains a section on English pubs and toilet facilities.
Download Access in London, DB49247

After the War Was Over: Hanoi and Saigon by Neil Sheehan.
Read by Barrett Whitener. Reading time 5 hours 8 minutes.
A journalist, who once believed that it was possible to understand the Vietnam War, presented his ideas in 1988's A Bright Shining Lie (FD/RC 28014) but experienced a change of heart upon his later return to Vietnam. Sheehan describes daily life of a poverty-stricken but forgiving people still ravaged by a war over for two decades.
Download After the War Was Over: Hanoi and Saigon, DB37069

Balkan Ghosts: A Journey through History by Robert D. Kaplan
Read by Frank Coffee. Reading time 12 hours 49 minutes.
The author combines travel through Balkan countries with a historical backdrop to create an image of the Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians, Croats, and Serbs who have resumed centuries-old struggles after the fall of communism. Carrying a pack of old travel books, Kaplan explores monasteries, cathedrals, battlefields, cemeteries, and monuments, and talks with peasants and politicians to complete his picture.
Download Balkan Ghosts: A Journey through History, DB37464

Days and Nights on the Grand Trunk Road by Anthony Weller.
Read by Gary Telles. Reading time 14 hours 35 minutes.
The highway adventures of an American journalist traveling the fifteen hundred miles of the Grand Trunk Road from Calcutta across northern India and Pakistan to the Khyber Pass. Weller recounts the region's religious and political history; describes the cities, countryside, and people he encounters; and conveys his joy at traveling in an area he has read much about.
Download Days and Nights on the Grand Trunk Road, DB47507

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Read by Gabriella Cavallero. Reading time 13 hours 45 minutes.
Successful young author, recently divorced, seeks distraction and solace during a year of travel. She describes finding culinary pleasure in civilized Italy, ascetic meditation on an ashram in India, and a love affair in Bali. 2005.
Download Eat, Pray, Love, DB61789

Frommer's Five Hundred Places to See before They Disappear by Holly Hughes.
Read by Butch Hoover. Reading time 30 hours 10 minutes.
A guide to cultural, historic, and natural destinations threatened by both human and environmental forces. Suggestions include visiting California's redwood forests, Egypt's pyramids, China's giant pandas, Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Berlin Wall, and the snows of Kilimanjaro. Provides brief overviews, hotel recommendations, price ranges, and contact information. 2009.
Download Frommer's Five Hundred Places to See before They Disappear, DB69213

The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World by Eric Weiner.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 11 hours 49 minutes.
National Public Radio foreign correspondent and self-proclaimed curmudgeon Weiner describes the places he visited during a yearlong hunt for the happiest people. Investigates conditions in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bhutan, Qatar, Iceland, Moldova, Thailand, Great Britain, India, and the United States. Bestseller. 2008.
Download The Geography of Bliss, DB65862

The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train through Asia by Paul Theroux.
Read by Ted Stoddard. Reading time 12 hours 24 minutes.
An American novelist's account of a four-month trip in 1973. Traveling through Turkey, Iran, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the USSR, he writes of his encounters with a motley collection of hippies, businessmen, whores, and fellow tourists. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1975.
Download The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train through Asia, DB58610

In Search of King Solomon's Mines by Tahir Shah.
Read by Bruce Huntey. Reading time 8 hours 53 minutes.
Native of Afghanistan recounts his quest to find the legendary source of King Solomon's gold, which he believes is located in the biblical land of Ophir. A treasure map purchased in Jerusalem and other clues from antiquity point Shah to Ethiopia, where he begins his adventure. 2002.
Download In Search of King Solomon's Mines, DB58909

Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to Eastern Europe by Ruth Ellen Gruber.
Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time 17 hours 37 minutes.
Guide to hundreds of synagogues, cemeteries, Jewish communities, museums, Holocaust memorials and other sites of Jewish interest in fourteen eastern European countries including the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. The author reflects on the legacy of World War II and postwar communism. Includes travel tips and resources. 2007.
Download Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to Eastern Europe, DB66587

Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture by Jose Saramago.
Read by Peter Gil. Reading time 18 hours 13 minutes.
The experiences and observations of the 1998 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature as he traveled through his homeland Portugal in 1979. This memoir of the six-month trip describes Saramago's search for the essence of his country. 2000.
Download Journey to Portugal, DB54681

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon by David Grann.
Read by Ted Stoddard. Reading time 10 hours 50 minutes.
An investigative reporter examines the strange disappearance in 1925 of fifty-seven-year-old explorer Percy Fawcett and his team, who were searching for the ruins of a mysterious lost civilization in the Amazon Basin. Grann's research takes him on his own adventures into the jungle. Bestseller. 2009.
Download The Lost City of Z, DB68618

The One Hundred Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life by Pam Grout.
Read by Gary Tipton. Reading time 11 hours 35 minutes.
Author of the North American One Hundred Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life (RC 65561) discusses global destinations to pursue interests, volunteer, or focus on personal wellness. Activities include belly dancing in Turkey, babysitting chimps in Africa, and training to be a geisha in Japan. 2008.
Download The One Hundred Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life, DB68394

Queenan Country: A Reluctant Anglophile's Pilgrimage to the Mother Country by Joe Queenan.
Read by Frank Coffee. Reading time 7 hours 37 minutes.
New York Times columnist and author of Balsamic Dreams (RC 53282) recounts his 2002 solo journey to his wife's native England. Queenan contends his account is "not a travel book" but rather "an affectionate jeremiad" of the land and its people, who he admits have "always baffled" him. 2004.
Download Queenan Country, DB61724

Rag and Bone: A Journey among the World's Holy Dead by Peter Manseau. Read by John Lescault. Reading time 6 hours 35 minutes.
Accounts of the author's travels to religious-relic sites around the world, the result of his curiosity about the veneration of saints' body parts. Provides background about the prophet Muhammad's beard in Kashmir, the Holy Tooth of Buddha in Sri Lanka, Saint Anthony's tongue in Padua, Italy, and other artifacts. 2009.
Download Rag and Bone: A Journey among the World's Holy Dead, DB71097

Searching for Steinbeck's Sea of Cortez: A Makeshift Expedition along Baja's Desert Coast by Andromeda Romano-Lax.
Read by Faith Potts. Reading time 11 hours 37 minutes.
The author, her husband Brian, and their two children--five and almost two years old--set out with an inexperienced captain to retrace John Steinbeck's 1940 boat journey as recorded in The Log from the Sea of Cortez. Recounts their two-month trip of adventures and comments on the region's threatened ecology. 2002.
Download Searching for Steinbeck's Sea of Cortez, DB70138

A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler by Jason Roberts.
Read by David Cutler. Reading time 12 hours 41 minutes.
Biography of Englishman James Holman (1786-1857), who was blinded at twenty-five after serving in the Napoleonic wars and who then achieved fame as a world traveler. Quoting from Holman's memoirs, describes how he fought slavery in Africa, survived captivity in Siberia, charted the Australian outback, and published three books. 2006.
Download A Sense of the World, DB62703

Travels in a Blue Chair: Alaska to Zambia, Ushuaia to Uluru; a Series of Short Stories by Walt Balenovich
Read by Guy Williams. Reading time 13 hours 55 minutes.
Balenovich, who had polio in childhood, recounts adventures in his blue-colored wheelchair--a device he believes does not confine him, but gives him the freedom to travel and meet new friends. Describes exploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef, celebrating Chinese New Year in Thailand, and breaking a knee in Zambia. 2007.
Download Travels in a Blue Chair, DB67926

Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy by Frances Mayes
Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time 10 hours 20 minutes.
American writer Frances Mayes finds a new lifestyle when she and her companion Ed purchase a large, abandoned, country home in Tuscany. The restoration of the house and garden are fraught with problems but also provide many pleasures. Mayes enjoys the flowers, the freshly grown vegetables, the cooking, and the quiet pace of sunny Tuscan summers. Bestseller.
Download Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy, DB44847

An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan by Jason Elliot
Read by Ken Kliban. Reading time 18 hours 24 minutes.
An exploration of Afghanistan--its physical beauty, hospitality, religious variations, and long history. Elliot recounts events from his first visit at nineteen in 1986 traveling with anti-Soviet mujahedin and another journey ten years later when the Taliban forces were building power. 1999.
Download An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan, DB53152

A Walk through Wales by Anthony Bailey
Read by George Holmes. Reading time 10 hours 18 minutes.
It is spring, and, as the land begins to thaw, travel writer Bailey once again gets the desire to take a long walk--this time through Wales. On his three-week journey from Cardiff in the south to Bangor in the north, Bailey visits Norman castles, medieval cathedrals, towns, and hamlets and talks with the people of the land, who he describes as more and more obsessed with Wales's national identity.
Download A Walk through Wales, DB40173

The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane
Read by Bill Wallace. Reading time 10 hours 32 minutes.
Macfarlane recounts his journeys in search of the remaining "wild places" in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Describes his adventures to remote islands, beaches, marshes, forests, and mountaintops as he simultaneously reflects on the interconnectedness of nature and humanity and his transformed understanding about the notion of "wildness." 2007.
Download The Wild Places, DB69068

A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveler by Frances Mayes
Read by Cassandra Campbell. Reading time 17 hours 23 minutes.
Author of Under the Tuscan Sun (RC 44847) and her husband explore Spain, Portugal, southern Italy, Sicily, Morocco, Greece, Crete, Scotland, Turkey, and places in between. Discusses each country's cultural, historical, and literary highlights and savors the local cuisine. 2006.
Download A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveler, DB61339

A Year of Sundays: Taking the Plunge (and Our Cat) to Explore Europe by Edward D. Webster
Read by Alexander Strain. Reading time 13 hours 25 minutes.
Recounts author's year-long 1997 European trip with his visually impaired, menopausal wife, Marguerite, and sixteen-year-old cat, Felicia. Describes putting careers on hold to realize their dream and embarking "on a quest for adventure," exploring eateries, tourist destinations, and romantic locales in France, Greece, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Austria. 2004.
Download A Year of Sundays, DB64156