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Independence Day

July 2012

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"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."--The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

1776 by David G. McCullough
Read by Alec Volz. Reading Time 13 hours 11 minutes 
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian chronicles the struggles of the Continental Army during the disastrous year of 1776. Highlights George Washington's failed New York campaign and the retreat across New Jersey. Assesses the political, economic, and social problems the young nation encountered during the turbulent months from August to December. Bestseller. 2005
Download 1776, DB60330

Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence by John E. Ferling
Read by Jake Williams.  Reading Time 33 hours, 21 minutes
Historian chronicles the military and diplomatic events of the Revolutionary War. Explains the reasons the colonies barely won the conflict and describes the tactics of eighteenth-century war. Highlights the deaths of many civilians, including Native Americans, and the impact of diseases.
Download Almost a Miracle, DB66732

The Americans: The Colonial Experience by Daniel J. Boorstin
Read by Robert Sams. Reading time 22 hours 21 minutes
Covering American history up to the 1780s, historian Boorstin discusses how settlers' dreams were transformed by the reality of life in America, how communities were developed with visions not obstructed by the past, how a new language style developed, and how these experiences shaped Americans' views on peace and war. Prequel to The Americans: The National Experience (DB 47247).
Download The Americans, DB47246

Benjamin Rush: Patriot and Physician by Alyn Brodsky
Read by Dan Bloom. Reading time 17 hours 12 minutes
Biography of American founding father Rush (1746-1813). Using Rush's voluminous letters and essays, portrays him as one of his generation's most accomplished physicians and medical teachers, and as an activist with progressive views on slavery, religion, independence, and education--particularly of women. Claims Rush's mental-health and medical theories alienated contemporaries. 2004.
Download Benjamin Rush, DB59631

The Birth of the Constitution: An Informal History by Donald Barr Chidsey
Read by Ryan Halloran. Reading time 6 hours 8 minutes
An account dramatizing the making of the Constitution that develops the conflicts between factions and personal interests in Philadelphia in 1787.
Download The Birth of the Constitution, DB11042

Colonial Experience by David Hawke
Read by Lou Harpenau. Reading time 29 hours 57 minutes
Classic intellectual and social history of the first Americans. The colonial experience is traced from its roots in Medieval Europe and the Age of Discovery, through the settlement of the thirteen colonies and the creation and ratification of the Constitution. Includes an appendix listing the chief magistrates of the thirteen colonies and states.
Download Colonial Experience, DB27156

Common Sense and the Crisis by Thomas Paine
Read by David Horvitz. Reading time 10 hours 1 minute
In 'Common Sense,' first appearing in 1776, the American patriot sees the Declaration of Independence as America's moral obligation to the world. In the thirteen 'Crisis' papers, written during the Revolutionary War, he supports and encourages the patriotic struggle against Britain.
Download Common Sense and the Crisis, DB19603

Everyday Life in Early America by David Hawke
Read by Jill Ferris. Reading time 7 hours 4 minutes
A detailed account of seventeenth-century colonial American life, concentrating on the New England and Chesapeake settlements. The author, a historian, characterizes the variety of settlers that were propelled to America, and then describes their homes, health, and frequent hardships. Although the immigrants struggled to keep their traditions intact, their new environment demanded an evolution in their rituals, religions, and methods of warfare.
Download Everyday Life in Early America, DB27460

The First Salute by Barbara W. Tuchman
Read by Yvonne Fair Tessler. Reading time 14 hours 49 minutes
Historian Barbara Tuchman looks at the American Revolution from the British point of view. Tuchman examines Britain's relations with its rival seapowers and illustrates how those relations influenced the course of events that allowed the colonies to defeat Britain. Bestseller.
Download The First Salute, DB28017

The Fourth of July--and the Founding of America by Peter De Bolla
Read by Joe Wilson. Reading time 6 hours 41 minutes
British professor traces the history of this American day of celebration from its origin in July 1776. Analyzes the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence; Thomas Jefferson's role in the document's creation; and the symbols, meanings, and activities associated with the federal holiday. 2007.
Download The Fourth of July, DB67730

From Sea to Shining Sea by Peter Marshall
Read by Randy Atcher. Reading time 18 hours 29 minutes
The authors seek "to discern, if possible, God's hand in the nation's affairs" as they examine the "struggle between the forces of light and darkness over the destiny of the North American continent." Covers fifty years in U.S. history, from the summer of 1787 "when the seeds of darkness were planted and sealed in the Constitution," through the political ascendancy of John Calhoun. A companion volume to "The Light and the Glory."
Download From Sea to Shining Sea, DB27056

The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 by Robert Middlekauff
Read by Art Metzler. Reading time 27 hours 34 minutes
Narrative history of the important people and events of the Revolutionary War. The author charts the growing political and personal conflicts between England and the United States as well as the separatist movement that led to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the election of George Washington as the new republic's first president. 1982.
Download The Glorious Cause, DB32725

Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans by Joyce Appleby
Read by Kerry Cundiff. Reading time 12 hours 25 minutes
Historian of early America examines the political, economic, religious, and cultural transformations brought about by the generation born between 1776 and 1800. Describes ordinary citizens' contributions to the creation of a national identity. Assesses the effects of individual aspiration and free enterprise. Explores the divisions engendered by slavery and race issues.
Download Inheriting the Revolution, DB55473

John Hancock: Merchant King and American Patriot by Harlow Giles Unger
Read by Bill Wallace. Reading time 13 hours 20 minutes
Biography of the wealthy Boston merchant who, as president of the Continental Congress, became the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Uses first-hand accounts to reconstruct the life of Hancock and the fervor of revolutionary New England. Relates his philanthropy and postwar career as Massachusetts's governor. 2000.
Download John Hancock, DB62213

The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall
Read by Bill Wallace. Reading time 16 hours 28 minutes
Authors offer a view of U.S. history from God's perspective. They contend America's discovery, colonization, and independence were part of a divine plan to create a new land as a bastion of hope and freedom. Examines the role of Christian faith in formative events of the nation's past. 1977.
Download The Light and the Glory, DB60541

Patriots by A. J. Langguth
Read by Bruce Huntey.  Reading time 18 hours 25 minutes
This lively study of early American patriots provides portraits of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and other major figures. It also offers a sense of what the Revolutionary War was like for the common people. Arranged chronologically and covering the years from 1768 to 1785, the book describes numerous Boston riots, battles at Lexington, Bunker Hill, and elsewhere, and the first postwar Congress. Bestseller. 1988.
Download Patriots, DB27404

Samuel Adams: A Life by Ira Stoll
Read by John Haag. Reading time 12 hours 30 minutes
Biography of American revolutionary leader and newspaper editor Samuel Adams (1722-1803) highlights the religious convictions of this founding father. Discusses Adams's role in instigating the Boston Tea Party, his belief that the call to arms was God's plan to free America, and his post-war political career. 2008.
Download Samuel Adams, DB68849

Setting the world ablaze Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and the American Revolution by John Ferling
Read by Geoffrey Centlivre. Reading time 17 hours, 22 minutes
Drawing on primary sources and focusing on the Revolutionary War years, compares the lives of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. Places them among the most important leaders of the struggle for American independence. Discusses their transformation from colonial elites into democratic reformers. 2000
Download Setting the world ablaze, DB56654

The Signers of the Declaration of Independence by Robert G. Ferris
Read by Randy Atcher. Reading time 6 hours 14 minutes
Brief biographies of each of the fifty-six patriots who signed the American Declaration of Independence and were subsequently branded as traitors to the English crown. Includes text, summary, and historical background of the 1776 document. 1973.
Download The Signers of the Declaration of Independence, DB52815

Witnesses at the creation: Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and the Constitution by Richard Brandon Morris
Read by John Hammock. Reading time 10 hours 56 minutes
Describes how three American statesmen collaborated on a series of newspaper articles to convince the newly created thirteen states to adopt the Constitution. The eighty-five letters, compiled as The Federalist in 1787, led to the formation of the union and the election of George Washington as its first president. 1985.
Download Witnesses at the creation, DB54399

The Fourth of July--and the Founding of America by Peter De Bolla
Read by Joe Wilson. Reading time 6 hours, 41 minutes.
British professor traces the history of this American day of celebration from its origin in July 1776. Analyzes the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence; Thomas Jefferson's role in the document's creation; and the symbols, meanings, and activities associated with the federal holiday. 2007.
Download The Fourth of July--and the Founding of America, DB 67730