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Summer Olympics

July 2012

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American Son: My Story by Oscar De La Hoya.
Read by Mark Delgado. Reading time 7 hours 5 minutes.
Boxing's "golden boy" De La Hoya relates his professional experiences and his successes in the ring, where he won six world championships and an Olympic gold medal. He also recounts the triumphs and failings in his personal life. 2008.
Download American Son: My Story, DB67784

Babe: The Life and Legend of Babe Didrikson Zaharias by Susan Cayleff.
Read by Carole Jordan Stewart. Reading time 14 hours 33 minutes.
Biography of Mildred (Babe) Didriksen, who was a success at every sport she tried. In 1932 she won javelin toss and hurdles at the women's Olympic games, and later she became a golf pro. Babe created her public image first as an androgynous star and then as a more feminine wife of wrestler George Zaharias, while keeping the nature of her relationship with young golfer Betty Dodd a secret. Babe died of cancer at forty-five.
Download Babe, DB41027

The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom, and Wanderings by Jim Joyce.
Read by Steven Carpenter. Reading time 4 hours 36 minutes.
A collection of articles, essays, and poetry that Joyce deems "a celebration of the bicycle by people who ride." Includes Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Thomas Hylton's editorial about cycling-friendly communities, an interview with Lance Armstrong's coach Chris Carmichael, joyful accounts of cycling adventures, and travel and mechanical advice. 2007.
Download The Bicycle Book, DB67205

By the Sword: A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers, and Olympic Champions by Richard Cohen.
Read by Bruce Huntey. Reading time 21 hours 17 minutes.
British Olympic fencer details the history of sword fighting from ancient Egyptian times to the twenty-first century. Includes anecdotes about noted warriors, politicians, and actors who wielded the sword; ponders the sociology of dueling--including cheating; and details the art of blade making. Some violence. 2002.
Download By the Sword, DB57237

Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon by Roland Lazenby.
Read by Erik Sandvold. Reading time 18 hours 12 minutes.
Biography of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, coach, and executive. Traces West's rise from poverty in West Virginia, college with the Mountaineers, and the 1960 Summer Olympics to professional stardom. Analyzes the perfectionism that the author asserts made West one of the best in his sport. Strong language. 2009.
Download Jerry West, DB71254

Jesse Owens: an American life by William J. Baker.
Read by Lynn Smith. Reading time 11 hours 2 minutes.
Biography of the black track and field athlete best remembered for winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, a feat that in one afternoon smashed Hitler's myth of Aryan supremacy. Recounts Owens's private and public life, focusing upon his early years, his training as an athlete, and his unique status as a black celebrity in an era still dominated by racial prejudices.
Download Jesse Owens: an American life, DB24839

The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games by Tony Perrottet.
Read by Mark Ashby. Reading time 5 hours 56 minutes.
Author of Route 66 A.D. (RC 56790) examines the experience of attending the ancient Olympic games as "a spectator, an athlete, or one of the overworked officials." Recreates five hectic days and nights in Olympia, Greece, where the games were a part of the many festivals taking place. 2004.
Download The Naked Olympics, DB58757

Nike Is a Goddess: The History of Women in Sports by Lissa Smith.
Read by Kristin Allison. Reading time 15 hours 8 minutes.
Essays written by leading female sports writers that chronicle prominent women athletes and their achievements in different sports. Covers many icons, including tennis player Billie Jean King and marathon swimmer Gertrude Ederle. Also highlights Title IX and issues women face, such as discrimination. 1998.
Download Nike Is a Goddess, DB71299

No Limits: The Will to Succeed by Michael Phelps.
Read by Mark Ashby. Reading time 7 hours 41 minutes.
Autobiography of American swimmer Michael Phelps, who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in China. Describes his Maryland upbringing with two champion-swimmer older sisters, the diagnosis of his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and his training routine. Maintains that hard work, confidence, and perseverance are necessary for success. 2008.
Download No Limits: The Will to Succeed, DB68428

The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games by Allen Guttmann.
Read by John Rayburn. Reading time 8 hours 41 minutes.
A professor and author of sports history books examines the political agenda behind the Olympics' international athletics contests and their entertainment value since the games' 1896 revival. Guttmann chronicles the internal struggles of the International Olympic Committee. And he shows how racial and social barriers, commercialism, and nationalism have been part of the Olympics story from the beginning. 1992.
Download The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games, DB36082

She Got Game by Cynthia Cooper.
Read by Laura Giannarelli. Reading time 6 hours 42 minutes.
Women's National Basketball Association's Most Valuable Player shares her journey overcoming adversity in Los Angeles's inner city to shine among the basketball elite. Cooper chronicles her career from 1981 at the University of Southern California through stints overseas and on the U.S. Olympic Team to leading the Houston Comets in back-to-back championships. 1999.
Download She Got Game, DB55996

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand.
Read by Faith Potts. Reading time 16 hours 32 minutes.
Author of Seabiscuit (RC 51968) details the life of Louis Zamperini (b. 1917), an Olympic runner and World War II bombardier, who survived a plane crash and forty-seven days adrift at sea only to become a POW in Japan. Relates Louis's later religious awakening under Billy Graham's ministry. Violence. Bestseller. 2010.
Download Unbroken, DB72129

Wilma Rudolph: A Biography by Maureen M. Smith.
Read by Gail Nelson. Reading time 6 hours 25 minutes.
Biography of African American athlete Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994), who won Olympic track medals in 1956 and 1960 after triumphing over childhood polio. Highlights Rudolph's family life in the segregated South and her post-Olympic struggles against racism and sexism.
Download Wilma Rudolph: A Biography, DB65511