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The Holocaust

July 2012

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Among the righteous: Lost stories from the Holocaust's long reach into Arab lands by Robert Satloff
Read by Lewis Grenville. Reading time 10 hours 23 minutes.
Jewish American historian of the Middle East explores the persecution and rescue of Jews in North Africa during the Holocaust. Using primary sources and interviews in ten countries including Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, Satloff presents information about Arab heroes and collaborators. Lists some one hundred slave-labor camps. Violence.
Download Among the righteous, DB 64272

And the Sea Is Never Full: Memoirs, 1969- by Elie Wiesel
Read by Ken Kliban. Reading time 16 hours 48 minutes.
The 1986 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize begins this concluding volume of his memoirs where All Rivers Run to the Sea (RC 45516) ended--on his wedding day in Jerusalem in 1969. Wiesel describes his work as a writer, humanist, and political activist while voicing the concerns of a Holocaust survivor.
Download And the sea is never full, DB 51142

Anne Frank remembered: the story of the woman who helped to hide the Frank family by Miep Gies
Read by Laura Giannarelli. Reading time 7 hours 14 minutes.
Gies, known affectionately as Miep Van Santen in Anne Frank's diary, recalls the changes Nazi occupation forced on the Dutch. She describes the efforts to resist and chronicles her perilous relationship with the Franks, including her affection for Anne. This account appears in conjunction with the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Anne Frank's diary.
Download Anne Frank remembered, DB 26764

Buried by the Times: The Holocaust and America's Most Important Newspaper by Laurel Leff
Read by Bill Wallace. Reading time 18 hours 10 minutes.
Journalist criticizes the New York Times coverage of the plight of European Jews from 1933 to 1945. Analyzes press standards, office policies, and external pressures that relegated Holocaust news to secondary status, and examines ways media underreporting affected American public opinion and belated awareness of Nazi crimes.
Download Buried by the Times, DB 63601

Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival by Clara Kramer
Read by Mitzi Friedlander. Reading time 12 hours 59 minutes.
Zolkiew, Poland; 1942. Chronicles the experiences of Jewish teenager Clara Schwarz, who kept a wartime diary while hiding in a basement. Describes her anti-Semitic, ethnic-German neighbor Valentin Beck saving Clara and seventeen other family members and friends after the Nazis took over the town. Violence and some strong language.
Download Clara's War, DB 69774

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
Read by Jill Fox. Reading time 9 hours 38 minutes.
In a remarkable account begun on her thirteenth birthday in 1942, a Jewish girl in German-occupied Amsterdam records her hopes, fears, and growing pains during two years of close confinement with her family hiding from the Nazis in a secret apartment. Original version edited by her father.
Download The Diary of a Young Girl, DB 57022

A History of the Jews in the Modern World by Howard M. Sachar
Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time 47 hours 32 minutes.
Professor Emeritus at George Washington University presents an extensive overview of Jewish history between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries. Discusses the era of pogroms, the Holocaust, political Zionism, Jewish life in America, and the rise of modern anti-Semitism. Updated edition of The Course of Modern Jewish History (RC 28088).
Download A History of the Jews in the Modern World, DB 61983

Holocaust: A History by Deborah Dwork
Read by Lou Harpeneau. Reading time 20 hours 35 minutes.
Award-winning authors document the Jewish experience under German domination prior to and during World War II. They represent the Holocaust in a broad historical context, locating precursors in upheavals of anti-Semitism and other cultural, religious, and political persecutions that have marked European history since the Middle Ages. Violence.
Download Holocaust, DB 56258

The Holocaust Lady by Ruth Sender
Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time 4 hours 55 minutes.
Author of previous memoirs The Cage (RC 29061) and To Life (RC 29574), Holocaust survivor Ruth Minsky Sender recalls coming to America in 1950 burdened with nightmares, and becoming a teacher of Jewish history to keep the truth alive.
Download The Holocaust Lady, DB 62947

In My Brother's Image: Twin Brothers Separated by Faith after the Holocaust by Eugene Pogany
Read by Mark Ashby. Reading time 15 hours 38 minutes.
Story of Jewish twin brothers born in 1912 in Budapest, Hungary, and raised by their parents as Catholics. During World War II, Gyuri Pogany is a priest sheltered in a monastery, while his brother Miklos is sent to a concentration camp and reverts to Judaism. After immigrating to America, the two never completely reconcile.
Download In My Brother's Image, DB 57709

Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to Eastern Europe by Ruth Ellen Gruber
Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time 17 hours 37 minutes.
Guide to hundreds of synagogues, cemeteries, Jewish communities, museums, Holocaust memorials and other sites of Jewish interest in fourteen eastern European countries including the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. The author reflects on the legacy of World War II and postwar communism. Includes travel tips and resources.
Download Jewish Heritage Travel, DB 66587

Justice at Dachau: The Trials of an American Prosecutor by Joshua M. Greene
Read by Butch Hoover. Reading time 13 hours 3 minutes.
Reconstructs the late 1940s trials of Nazi guards, officers, and doctors accused of war crimes at the Dachau, Mauthausen, Flossenburg, and Buchenwald concentration camps. Details the work of thirty-two-year-old William Denson, an American army lawyer who led the prosecution through twenty-one months of unprecedented cases on the Dachau grounds. Violence.
Download Justice at Dachau, DB 57605

Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction by Martin Gilbert
Read by Ken Kliban. Reading time 8 hours 25 minutes.
British historian Gilbert documents the "Night of Broken Glass"--November 9, 1938--during which a systematic Nazi-instigated anti-Jewish rampage across Germany left a wake of destruction and arrests that ignited the Holocaust. Uses first-person accounts and archives to detail the terror, its aftermath, and the world's reaction.
Download Kristallnacht, DB 65669

The Liberators: America's Witnesses to the Holocaust by Michael Hirsh
Read by Ken Kliban. Reading time 12 hours 9 minutes.
Peabody Award-winning director interviews more than one hundred and fifty soldiers who encountered Nazi concentration camps at the end of World War II. The men describe the horrors they found. Includes testimony from survivors, some of them Jewish American POWs.
Download the Liberators, DB 72608

Life and Death in the Third Reich by Peter Fritzsche
Read by Mark Ashby. Reading time 11 hours 29 minutes.
History professor uses primary sources to explore how and why "ordinary" Germans supported the Third Reich despite the knowledge that European Jewry was being annihilated. Traces the idea of race-based nationalism through Germany's post-World War I transition from a republic to a dictatorship.
Download Life and Death in the Third Reich, DB 71673

The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million by Daniel Mendelsohn
Read by Robert Blumenfeld. Reading time 22 hours 7 minutes.
Author of The Elusive Embrace (RC 50368) documents his quest to uncover details about six relatives killed during the Holocaust. Recounts his international journeys to interview witnesses to the victims' hiding, discovery, and murder. Describes the impact of their deaths on his family. Nat'l Bk Critics Award.
Download The Lost, DB 64825

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
Read by Bill Wallace. Reading time 5 hours 30 minutes.
Viennese psychiatrist Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) recounts his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, where he developed his doctrine of logotherapy. Argues that individuals can overcome suffering not through pleasure but through the discovery and pursuit of meaningful purpose. First published in German in 1946.
Download Man's Search for Meaning, DB 66557

Never to forget: the Jews of the holocaust by Milton Meltzer
Read by Art Metzler. Reading time 6 hours 19 minutes.
Accounts by Jewish men, women, and children convey the terror and inhumanity of the Nazi persecution during World War II.
Download Never to forget, DB 10542

The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust by Martin Gilbert
Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time 18 hours .
British historian portrays non-Jews who saved Jewish lives during World War II. Drawing on his research, Gilbert honors the hundreds of courageous people throughout Europe who, often at great risk to themselves, deliberately chose to rescue fellow human beings from the evils of Nazism.
Download the Righteous, DB 56237

An Unbroken Chain: My Journey through the Nazi Holocaust by Henry Oertelt
Read by Ken Kliban. Reading time 4 hours 55 minutes.
Author describes living with his older brother and mother in Berlin when the Nazis came to power. Discusses ways the Jewish family avoided capture with the help of Christian friends until June 1943. Highlights eighteen coincidences that enabled the brothers to survive. Violence.
Download An Unbroken Chain, DB 67065

We Remember the Holocaust by David A. Adler
Read by Suzanne Nelson. Reading time 3 hours 21 minutes.
An account of the Holocaust is presented in the voices of those who lived through the terror. Adler's description of Hitler's rise to power and his calculated campaign against Jews and other minorities is buttressed with recollections of individuals who survived the horror.
Download We Remember the Holocaust, DB 34318

The Years of Extermination, 1939-1945: Nazi Germany and the Jews,
Volume 2 by Saul Friedlander
Read by Robert Blumenfeld. Reading time 34 hours 15 minutes.
Second volume of historian's account of the Holocaust focuses on ideological and cultural factors behind Germany's extermination policies. Discusses the effect of Nazi institutional dynamics and World War II. Describes experiences of Jews and the passivity of occupied Europe. Sequel to The Years of Persecution (DB 67615). Pulitzer Prize.
Download The Years of Extermination, DB 67655

The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939: Nazi Germany and the Jews, Volume 1 by Saul Friedlander
Read by Robert Blumenfeld. Reading time 18 hours 3 minutes.
First volume of historian's account of the Holocaust. Examines the evolution of anti-Semitic policies, the attitudes of the German and European societies in which such policies flourished, and the victims' plight. Explains Hitler's ideology and role in the Nazi regime's anti-Jewish measures, which eventually shifted from persecution to extermination.
Download The Years of Persecution, DB 67615

The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story by Diane Ackerman
Read by Martha Harmon Pardee. Reading time 9 hours 55 minutes.
Naturalist details the efforts of Warsaw zookeeper Jan Zabinski and his wife Antonina to hide Jewish citizens during the Holocaust. Discusses the 1939 bombing of the city, the couple's alignment with the Polish underground, and their commitment that saved more than three hundred lives. Violence. Bestseller.
Download The Zookeeper's Wife, DB 65354


Annexed by Sharon Dogar
Read by Barbara Rappaport. Reading time 8 hours 42 minutes.
The author, a children's psychotherapist, creates a fictionalized portrait of teenager Peter van Pels, who fell in love with Anne Frank while they were in hiding together during the Nazi occupation of Holland. Some violence and some strong language.
Download Annexed, DB 72496

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A Fable by John Boyne
Read by Alexander Strain. Reading time 4 hours 42 minutes.
World War II. Nine-year-old Bruno is dismayed to leave his three best friends when his family moves from their Berlin home to a remote country house. He struggles to understand why he can't be friends with the boy behind the wire fence.
Download The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, DB 63812

The Forgotten by Elie Wiesel
Wiesel, Elie. Read by Ken Kliban. Reading time 10 hours 6 minutes.
Elhanan Rosenbaum has Alzheimer's disease and wants to bequeath his important memories to his son while he can still recall them. He tells Malkiel about his own father's martyrdom, army life, and his love for Talia, who died at Malkiel's birth. But Elhanan, a Holocaust survivor, is haunted by a crime in a Romanian village, a crime that sends Malkiel on a search for the truth. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex.
Download The Forgotten, DB 35739

The Last Jew by Yoram Kaniuk
Read by Gordon Gould. Reading time 26 hours 1 minute.
In a stream-of-consciousness narrative, amnesiac Holocaust survivor Ebenezer Schneerson recounts returning from war inexplicably knowledgeable about all Jewish genealogy and culture. A fellow survivor profits from Ebenezer's skills while a German writer studies him. Later, Ebenezer's son fights in Israel's 1948 War of Independence. Translated in 2006 from Hebrew.
Download The Last Jew, DB 64269

A Mad Desire to Dance by Elie Wiesel
Read by Ted Stoddard. Reading time 9 hours 25 minutes.
Doriel Waldman, a Polish-born Jew and World War II survivor, is tormented by the weight of Judaic history and convinced he's haunted by a dybbuk. With the help of psychoanalyst Therese Goldschmidt, Doriel digs into his memories of the Holocaust, when his mother was a fighter in the Resistance.
Download A Mad Desire to Dance, DB 69177

Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli
Read by Ray Hagen. Reading time 5 hours 29 minutes.
Orphaned "Misha" is too young and naive to understand events when the Nazis invade Poland. He joins other Jewish boys and steals food to survive in the war-torn Warsaw ghetto as the daily horrors become part of ordinary life.
Download Milkweed, DB 58804

Sarah's Key by Tatiana DeRosnay
Read by Gabriella Cavallero. Reading time 9 hours 3 minutes.
Paris, 2002. American journalist Julia Jarmond covers the sixtieth anniversary of the deportation of Jewish families to Auschwitz. When Julia discovers that her French in-laws' home was acquired from dispossessed Jews, she resolves to find out what happened to the former occupants--of whom only one, young Sarah, survived.
Download Sarah's Key, DB 67934

Schindler's list by Thomas Keneally
Read by Ed Blake. Reading time 14 hours 29 minutes.
In 1939, Oskar Schindler, a young, wealthy, enterprising German interested in drinking and women, is a less-than-exemplary Catholic. In this 'nonfiction novel,' Keneally tells the story of his transformation into a man who, at great personal risk, saves hundreds of Jews from death during World War II. Some strong language. Violence.
Download Schindler's list, DB 20835

Sophie's Choice by William Styron
Read by Ed Blake. Reading time 23 hours 55 minutes.
Stingo moves into a cheap Brooklyn rooming house where he meets unstable Nathan and his gorgeous lover Sophie, a Polish Catholic who somehow survived the Holocaust. Stingo, who feels unrequited love for Sophie, becomes her confidant as she faces the horrors of her past, especially the years she worked for the Commandant of Auschwitz. Strong language; some explicit descriptions of sex.
Download Sophie's Choice, DB13812

Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum
Read by Mitzi Friedlander. Reading time 16 hours 17 minutes.
History professor Trudy Swenson survived the Holocaust as a child with her mother, Anna. When Anna married a GI after liberation, they moved to Minnesota. Now a photograph of a Nazi officer opens secret pages of Anna's past. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex.
Download Those Who Save Us, DB 70052

A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell
Read by Cassandra Campbell. Reading time 19 hours 52 minutes.
1943. As Italy makes peace with the Allies, fourteen-year-old Belgian Claudette, her father Albert Blum, and other Jewish families prepare to march across the Alps to seek sanctuary in northern Italy. But Germany now occupies that country, and perils abound. Some strong language.
Download A Thread of Grace, DB 59663