Family Stories in Series

(June 20, 2006)

Family sagas are books that chronicle the lives and doings of a family over a period of time. The books in these series, compiled by Reader Advisor Cheryl Hassler, take place in many different time periods and in many different places, but all feature the bonds of family.

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American Family Portrait series by Jack Cavanaugh.
Series code AFP.

The Puritans.
RC 40319.
One of the most important days of Drew Morgan’s life is the day he meets Bishop Laud at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately, it is also the day his life begins its downward spiral. The bishop asks Drew to locate a Puritan known as Justin who is writing seditious pamphlets against the king. It is during Drew’s search that he meets Mary Sedgewick, a woman he comes to love but will betray. American Family Portrait series, book 1. Prequel to The Colonists (RC 40320).

The Colonists.
RC 40320.
Boston 1727. Benjamin Morgan, great-grandson of Drew Morgan, is dead, and it is up to his children to maintain the bond of Christian heritage within the Morgan family. But Philip, Priscilla, and Jared do not get along with one another, and they do not care about their father’s faith. Then Daniel Cole, a family friend, forces the family to confront their beliefs. American Family Portrait series, book 2. Sequel to The Puritans (RC 40319).

The Patriots.
RC 41814.
Esau and Jacob, twin sons of Jared and Anne Morgan, have been rivals all their lives-- a situation made worse when Jacob married Esau’s fiancé while Esau studied abroad. When the American Revolution breaks out, the brothers find themselves fighting on opposite sides. While Anne Morgan prays for her family to be reunited, the brothers face the ultimate test of their wills. American Family Portrait series, book 3. Sequel to The Colonists (RC 40320).

The Adversaries.
RC 41795.
Jeremiah Morgan and Seth Cooper, both preachers, have been friends for years. In fact their friendship has roots that go back to when their fathers co-founded the Heritage Churches of America. Now their children, Daniel and Sarah, are engaged. But the Civil War keeps them apart, uprooting them from their homes and forcing them to confront a man who is an enemy of both families. American Family Portrait series, book 4. Sequel to The Patriots (RC 41814).

The Pioneers.
RC 43858.
Jesse Morgan, twenty, lives in the lower east side tenements of 1890s New York. He dreams of a better life, knowing God will help him. But Morgan encounters tragedy when he thinks he let someone die. He flees to the West, followed by several people, including Emily, who wants to be his wife. American Family Portrait series, book 5. Sequel to The Adversaries (RC 41795).

The Allies.
RC 45517.
In this sequel to The Pioneers (RC 43858), Jesse Morgan’s wife, Emily, and daughter Katy, a nurse, are aboard the Lusitania when it is torpedoed by Germans in 1915. Trapped in England, Katy, now with her brother Johnny, a pilot, becomes involved in the war and they soon find themselves caught behind German lines. American Family Portrait series, book 6.

The Victors.
RC 53143.
San Diego, 1941. Through the centuries, the Morgan family’s spiritual heritage has waned. However, when Pearl Harbor is attacked, Johnny and Laura Morgan’s four children are placed in situations that test their faith and endanger their lives. American Family Portrait series, book 7. Sequel to The Allies(RC 45517).

The Peacemakers.
RC 53378.
In this sequel to The Victors (RC 53143), Travis and Paige, the children of Nat and Allegra Morgan, become involved in the Vietnam War. Travis, unwillingly, is sent to battle. Paige becomes a protester, and for a time, seems to lose her faith. Yet, it is faith that ultimately sustains them. American Family Portrait series, book 8.

Crown Family Chronicles by John Jakes.
Series code CFC.

RC 37815, BR 9462.
Berlin street urchin Pauli Kroner dreams of being a painter and coming to America. At fourteen he arrives, makes his way to his uncle’s home in Chicago, and changes his name to Paul Crown. A Kodak camera gives him a chance to put his artistic skills to work, and he becomes involved in Hollywood and the motion picture industry. Along the way, he falls in love with Julie Vanderhoff. Crown Family Chronicles series, book 1. Some strong language.

American Dreams.
RC 46763.
Continues the Crown family saga begun in Homeland (RC 37815, BR 9462). Paul, twenty-nine, a well-known photographer, travels the world making news documentaries, some of which get him in trouble with the British government. His cousin Carl satisfies a passion for cars and flying, becoming a daring aviator, and cousin Fritzi becomes an actress in Hollywood. Crown Family Chronicles series, book 2. Some strong language.

Daughters of Mannerling series by Marion Chesney.
Series code DOM.

The Banishment.
RC 42437.
In Regency England, Isabella, the eldest of six Beverley daughters, is disappointed to have gone through the London season without becoming engaged. The men were bored by her only interest: Mannerling, the family mansion. When her father gambles away the home, the Beverleys, banished to poorer surroundings, all agree Isabella must marry Mannerling’s new owner to reclaim their wealth. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 1.

The Intrigue.
RC 42438.
In nineteenth-century England, the remaining five Beverley sisters continue to pine for the Mannerling mansion their father lost gambling. Daughter Jessica decides to accomplish what her older sister failed to do: marry the new owner. Meanwhile, Lord Beverley’s death leaves enough money for a governess, and mysterious Miss Trumble enters the girls’ lives. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 2. Sequel toThe Banishment (RC 42437).

The Deception.
RC 42439.
In nineteenth-century England, after their two older sisters fail to regain the family’s gambled-away mansion through marriage in The Banishment (RC 42437) and The Intrigue (RC 42438), twins Abigail and Rachel have their chance at winning over the cruel son of Mannerling’s current owner. But not if their governess, Miss Trumble, and a lord smitten with Abigail have any say in the matter. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 3.

The Folly.
RC 44591.
Rachel Beverley, the next sister in line to try to regain the lost family home, Mannerling, hopes to make a good impression on the latest owner, Charles Blackwood. But Rachel gets off to a bad start when she reprimands him for leaving his children in the charge of a spiteful governess. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 4. Sequel to The Deception (RC 42439).

The Romance.
RC 44592.
In this sequel to The Folly (RC 44591), the job of recapturing the former family estate, Mannerling, falls to Belinda Beverley. The current owner, Lord St. Clair, is more interested in fashion than in Mannerling (bought for him by his father). Belinda tries to develop an interest in him, but St. Clair’s friend Lord Gyre has other ideas. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 5.

The Homecoming.
RC 47164.
Lizzie, the remaining unmarried Beverley sister, has no desire to marry the current owner of her family’s former mansion, Mannerling, just so her mother can live there once more. Besides, the haughty duke of Severnshire certainly has no intention of courting Lizzie! Daughters of Mannerling series, book 6. Sequel to The Romance (RC 44592).

Dolan Family series by Dorothy Garlock.
Series code DLN.

With Hope.
RC 48291.
Oklahoma, 1930s. Henry Ann Henry’s life has always been a struggle. Now, following her father’s death, she is raising her two half-siblings alone and taking care of the farm she inherited. The only joy in her life seems to be her married neighbor Tom Dolan and his young, abused son. Dolan Family series, book 1. Some descriptions of sex.

With Song.
RC 49109.
Kansas, 1935. Molly McKenzie is working in the family’s general store when two men come in and gun down her parents. Federal agent Hod Dolan knows who the killers are, and Molly risks her life to help capture them. Dolan Family series, book 2. Companion to With Hope (RC 48291). Some descriptions of sex.

With Heart.
RC 49110.
Tillison County, Oklahoma; 1938. Kathleen Dolan, niece of Tom and Hod Dolan arrives in Rawlings excited about joining the Rawlings Gazette. When her work threatens to expose a local conspiracy, the newswoman faces peril. Dolan Family series, book 3. Strong language and some descriptions of sex.

Eliot Family by Elizabeth Goudge.
Series code ELF.

The Bird in the Tree.
RC 40782.
In the 1930s, Damerosehay, a charming old house on the Hampshire coast, and a close-knit family are threatened when the grandson and daughter-in-law of the owner fall in love and plan to marry. Eliot Family series, book 1. Prequel to Pilgrim’s Inn (RC 12807) and The Heart of the Family (RC 13768).

Pilgrim’s Inn.
RC 12807.
At the end of World War Two Grandmother Lucilla, still charming at eight-six, remains the dominant figure of the Eliot family. Nearly every one of her children and grandchildren is left with some problem which she manages to solve with some benevolent scheming. Eliot Family series, book 2.

The Heart of the Family.
RC 13768.
An Austrian refugee, once a famous pianist, is the mysterious character in this novel about the charming Eliot family who live in the lovely English countryside. Eliot Family series, book 3.

Plantation Trilogy series by Gwen Bristow.
Series code PLT.

Deep Summer.
RC 35466.
In the 1770s, fifteen-year-old Judith Sheramy is traveling to Louisiana with her family when she meets up with Philip Larne. Against her parents’ wishes, she marries Philip and moves onto his newly acquired plantation. Her family settles nearby and her brother soon marries a Cuban woman. During the following decades the families are altered by illness and infidelity, but the plantations survive. Plantation Trilogy series, book 1. Some strong language and some violence.

Handsome Road.
RC 35467.
The sequel to Deep Summer (RC 35466) is again set in Louisiana and features the two great-granddaughters of Dolores Upjohn. Dolores had one son with plantation owner Caleb Sheramy and, after that marriage failed, another with dockworker Thad Upjohn. In 1859 Ann Sheramy is a prosperous plantation mistress who employs poor Corrie May Upjohn. Then the Civil War changes everything. Plantation Trilogy series, book 2. Some strong language and some violence.

This Side of Glory.
RC 35468.
The sequel to Handsome Road (RC 35467) is again set in Louisiana on the Ardeith plantation, which, by 1912, has been passed to Kester Larne. Kester meets his distant relative Eleanor Upjohn and the two fall in love, much to the dismay of both families. Thrilled at first by the grand life-style, Eleanor is soon shocked to learn of her husband’s debts. The advent of World War One and the return of Kester’s old flame add to her problems. Plantation Trilogy series, book 3. Some strong language.

Quinn Brothers series by Nora Roberts.
Series code QBT.

Sea Swept.
RC 45679.
Ray and Stella Quinn take in three boys, Cameron, Phillip, and Ethan, from various troubled backgrounds and raise them as a family. Just before he dies, Ray takes in Seth, another young fledgling. Suddenly the older Quinns must make major lifestyle changes. Quinn Brothers series, book 1. Prequel to Rising Tides. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.

Rising Tides.
RC 46842.
In Sea Swept (RC 45679), the three Quinn brothers returned to their home on Maryland’s eastern shore to care for their adopted brother Seth. Because Cam and Phillip are now involved in other matters, it falls to Ethan to attend to Seth. Ethan also spends time with Grace, a longtime area resident whom he has always loved. Quinn Brothers series, book 2. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex.

Inner Harbor.
RC 47824.
Quinn brothers Ethan, Cameron, and Phillip continue trying to officially adopt Seth, the young boy their father brought into the family. They also want to prove their father did not commit suicide. Dr. Sybill Griffin’s arrival complicates their efforts. Quinn Brothers series, book 3. Sequel to Rising Tides (RC 46842). Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.

Chesapeake Blue.
RC 55052.
Companion to the Quinn trilogy (RC 45679, RC 46842, RC 47824). Seth Quinn, back from Europe as a successful painter, plans to settle near family in St. Christopher, Maryland. A blackmailer jeopardizes his interest in the town’s new florist. Quinn Brothers series, book 4. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language.

Rocky Mountain Memories series by Lori Wick.
Series code RMM.

Where the Wild Rose Blooms.
RC 44430.
Morgan Fontaine, his wife, and his five daughters move to Colorado to go into business with his brother. They quickly settle into the community and the eldest daughter marries. But her sister Jackie finds herself at odds with young Clayton Taggart. Resolving their differences, they eventually plan to marry until an accident intervenes. Rocky Mountain Memories series, book 1. Prequel to Whispers of Moonlight (RC 44429).

Whispers of Moonlight.
RC 44429.
In this sequel to Where the Wild Rose Blooms (RC 44430), Jackie Fontaine’s marriage to Clayton Taggart brings them into contact with Travis Buchanan, a good friend of Jackie’s brother-in-law, Robert Langley. Travis is a very troubled man who married his boss’s daughter, only to have her disappear a week after the wedding. Rocky Mountain Memories series, book 2.

To Know Her by Name.
RC 45370.
In this sequel to Whispers of Moonlight (RC 44429), Travis Buchanan, on his way home to his wife, Rebecca, finds a letter in his mail requesting he meet McKay Harrington at the Boulder Hotel. They meet and arrange to get together several days later to discuss some business. But soon after their first encounter, Harrington, a U.S. Treasury agent, is shot. Rocky Mountain Memories series, book 3.

Promise Me Tomorrow.
RC 45369.
This sequel to To Know Her by Name (RC 45370) relates the story of Katherine, daughter of Jackie and Clayton Taggart. Katherine is working at an orphanage when she meets widower Chase McCandles. He chaperones her when she delivers two children to their new home. On the return trip, Katherine becomes ill and spends time at Chase’s home where she meets his young son, Quintin, who needs a mother. Rocky Mountain Memories series, book 4.

Stern-Werner series by Belva Plain.
Series code SWS.

RC 12393.
A three-generation family saga that begins at the turn of the century with sixteen-year-old Anna who emigrates from a Polish village ghetto. In New York she takes a job as servant to a rich German-Jewish family, becomes infatuated with the son, and marries a poor but honest young man who becomes a successful real estate tycoon. Stern-Werner series, book 1.

The Golden Cup.
RC 23926, BR 6706.
Historical novel set in turn-of-the-century New York focuses on the young, irrepressible Sephardic Jew Hennie de Rivera and her family. Hennie marries an impoverished science teacher and social reformer despite her middle-class family’s objections. Stern-Werner series, book 2. Some descriptions of sex.

RC 28001, BR 7552.
Historical saga continuing the story of the Werner family from the 1920s to the end of World War Two. There are Paul, married, but still in love with Anna, a former house servant; Leah, widowed and left with a young son, and now a successful dress designer; Meg, married to Donal, a bootlegger; and several relatives who must be rescued from Hitler’s Germany. Stern-Werner series, book 3. Sequel to The Golden Cup. Some descriptions of sex.

RC 31958, BR 8270.
The saga of the Sterns and Werners continues as the paths of the two families cross during the 1960s. Iris’s life is in a downward spiral due to her jealousy and her son’s disappearance. Paul Werner has become friends with Iris’s husband, and when his fatherly concern for his daughter draws him into her family, he is compelled to finally reveal a lifelong secret. Stern-Werner series, book 4. Sequel toTapestry. Some strong language.

Texas series by Fern Michaels
Series code CFS.

Texas Rich.
RC 25391.
A family saga of a powerful Texas dynasty. Encouraged by her scheming mother, naive Billie marries Moss Coleman, a World War Two navy pilot. Awed by the Coleman heritage, Billie is intimidated by her domineering father-in-law and manipulated by her ambitious mother. Texas series, book 1. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.

Texas Heat.
RC 25392.
Maggie inherits her beloved Sunbridge, the 250,000-acre ranch near Austin. Obsessed with family pride, she is determined to hold fast to the proud Coleman tradition. Texas series, book 2. Sequel to Texas Rich. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.

Texas Fury.
RC 29691.
From Texas to Hawaii, Switzerland, and the Far East, the Coleman family saga continues. Cary Assante and Amelia Coleman Assante have just launched Assante Towers and everything appears to be perfect. But secrets from the past may soon cause untold problems, not only for the older generation, but for the younger one as well. Texas series, book 3. Sequel to Texas Heat. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex.

Texas Sunrise.
RC 36335.
Billie Coleman Kingsley is dying. What is to be done with her internationally known fabric design company? The family has always been close, even though it is spread across the world from Japan to Hawaii, Texas, and Vermont. But now each member must deal with individual family trouble and with problems that will result from Billie’s impending death. Texas series, book 4. Sequel to Texas Fury (RC 29691). Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.

Ya Ya Series by Rebecca Wells
Series code YYS.

Little Altars Everywhere.
RC 36350, BR 14278.
Siddalee is the oldest child in the plantation-owning Walker family of Louisiana. Her stories of family life in 1963 feature a fun-loving but rather embarrassing mother, who makes a mockery out of the Girl Scouts and hoots it up with her old-time friends, the Ya-Yas. But by the 1990s, Siddalee and her three siblings are struggling with much grimmer childhood memories. Ya Ya series, book 1. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
RC 45768, BR 14189.
At forty, Sidda Walker is a famous theater director whose life spirals downward after a New York Times interview implies that her mother, Vivi, was a child abuser. Vivi immediately disowns Sidda, but the Ya-Yas, Vivi’s longtime friends, intervene. Ya Ya series, book 2. Sequel to Little Altars Everywhere (RC 36350). Strong language and some descriptions of sex.

Ya-Yas in Bloom.
RC 60065, BR 15988.
In this sequel to Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (RC 45768, BR 14189) Vivi, Teensy, Necie, and Caro spill more tales of their lifelong friendship. Meanwhile their offspring bond, forming new generations: the Petites Ya-Yas and the Tres Petites Ya-Yas. Ya Ya series, book 3. Some strong language.