Historical Fiction

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July 2019


The American Agent by Jacqueline Winspear

DB 94351

Read by Orlagh Cassidy. Reading time: 11 hours, 5 minutes.

LP033710; 493 pages.

When an American correspondent reporting on the war in Europe is found murdered in her London digs, British authorities conceal news of her death. Serving as a linchpin between Scotland Yard and the Secret Service, Robert MacFarlane asks Maisie Dobbs to go undercover to investigate. Unrated. 2019.

American Princess: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt by Stephanie Thornton

DB 94288

Read by Elizabeth Wiley. Reading time: 15 hours, 29 minutes.

Alice Roosevelt, oldest child of newly-installed president Theodore Roosevelt, is planning on kicking up her heels now that she's the First Daughter. As she makes her way through Washington society over the decades, she makes plenty of friends and even more enemies with her sharp tongue. 2019.

At Your Request by Jen Turano

DB 94252

Read by Lauren Ezzo. Reading time: 2 hours, 28 minutes.

When her father loses the family fortune, Wilhelmina is cast out of the fashionable set. Now her old friend Edgar, whose marriage proposal she once rejected, is back in New York. Wilhelmina is determined to avoid him, but Edgar seems to have other plans. Apart From the Crowd series, book 5. 2019.

Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken

DB 93843

Read by Kate Reading. Reading time: 12 hours, 55 minutes.

Multiple generations operate a candlepin bowling alley in Salford, Massachusetts. It began at the turn of the twentieth century with Bertha Truitt, who was found unconscious in a cemetery with only a bowling ball, a candlepin, and fifteen pounds of gold on her person. Unrated. 2019.

The Cassandra by Sharma Shields

DB 93858

Read by Sophie Amoss. Reading time: 10 hours, 3 minutes.

Mildred Groves is gifted--and cursed--with the ability to see the future. She runs away from home to work as a secretary at the Hanford Research Center in the early 1940s. Her visions intensify there and she risks all to warn people. Unrated. 2019.

The Chef's Secret by Crystal King

DB 94313

Read by Jacques Roy. Reading time: 9 hours, 38 minutes.

Rome, 1577. After the death of his uncle, Bartolomeo, Giovanni receives keys to Bartolomeo's strongboxes and instructions to burn their contents. But Giovanni wants to uncover the secrets his uncle--chef to popes and cardinals--wanted buried, including recipes and the love of his life. Unrated. 2019.

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

DB 94175

Read by January LaVoy. Reading time: 9 hours, 6 minutes.

Daisy Jones, the daughter of a painter and a model, comes of age on L. A.'s Sunset Strip in the 1960s. As she falls into the rock 'n' roll scene, she joins forces with an up-and-coming band, The Six. The pairing becomes legendary. Unrated. 2019.

Daughter of Moloka'i by Alan Brennert

DB 93879

Read by Tamlyn Tomita. Reading time: 14 hours, 22 minutes.

Ruth was born to a woman quarantined in Kalaupapa--Moloka'i's leprosy settlement. Sent to an orphanage, she is adopted by a Japanese couple who raise her on a farm in California. She finds love and marries, but is sent to an internment camp after war breaks out. Unrated. 2019.

Devil's Daughter: The Ravenels Meet the Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas

DB 94678

Read by Mary Jane Wells. Reading time: 8 hours, 53 minutes.

Phoebe hated West Ravenel before she ever saw him, having heard stories from her late husband of how West bullied him in school. But when they meet at a family wedding, West offers to help Phoebe with the management of her estates. the Ravenels series, book 5. Unrated. 2019.

Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts

DB 94079

Read by Ann Marie Lee. Reading time: 14 hours.

LP033448; 500 pages.

Hollywood, 1938. Maud Baum has arrived at the gates of M-G-M Studios as filming for the adaptation of her late husband's book begins. When she hears Judy Garland singing "Over the Rainbow," Maud's memories of her past come to life once again. Unrated. 2019.

The Glovemaker by Ann Weisgarber

DB 94032

Read by Theresa Conkin. Reading time: 9 hours, 19 minutes.

1888. Deborah is awaiting the delayed arrival of her husband Samuel when a strange man knocks on her door--trouble behind him. But she is unable to turn away a fellow member of the Mormon Church. She keenly misses Samuel, especially when the law comes calling. Some violence. 2019.

The Great Pretenders by Laura Kalpakian

DB 94989

Read by Alexandra Harris. Reading time: 13 hours, 5 minutes.

1953. Roxanne Granville has escaped from under the thumb of her Hollywood royalty family and is forging her own career as an agent for young and hungry screenwriters. A risky business decision and a forbidden, passionate relationship threaten everything she's built for herself. Unrated. 2019.

The Huntress by Kate Quinn

DB 94278

Read by Saskia Maarleveld. Reading time: 18 hours, 42 minutes.

Boston, 1946. Seventeen-year-old Jordan McBride is excited to meet the new woman in her long-widowed father's life. When introduced to Anneliese Weber and her daughter Ruth, Jordan is entranced. But Anna is hiding secrets, and Jordan becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, a British war correspondent hunts Nazis. Strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex.. 2019.

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See

DB 94865

Read by Jennifer Lim. Reading time: 13 hours, 24 minutes.

LP033708; 641 pages.

Mi-ja and Young-sook are best friends, even though their backgrounds are markedly different. When they come of age, they join their village's all-female diving collective, which is run by Young-sook's mother. However, Mi-ja's parentage marks her for scorn and drives the friends apart as war looms. Unrated. 2019.

The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

DB 93702

Read by Lucy Brownhill. Reading time: 9 hours, 53 minutes.

Cornwall, 1941. Nineteen-year-old Louise Keene waits for her wealthy suitor to return from the war when she meets RAF pilot Paul Bolton. Their relationship spurs her to join the British Army as a gunner girl in London. She leaves behind a diary that unravels secrets. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2019.

The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff

DB 94677

Read by Elizabeth Knowelden. Reading time: 11 hours, 43 minutes.

LP033443; 557 pages.

Manhattan, 1946. Grace Healey discovers an abandoned suitcase in Grand Central Terminal while on her way to work. In it, she finds a dozen photographs which she impulsively takes. The women in the photographs were secret agents sent behind enemy lines, and Grace searches for their fates. Unrated. Bestseller. 2019.

The Malta Exchange by Steve Berry

DB 94333

Read by Scott Brick. Reading time: 13 hours, 34 minutes.

LP033699; 687 pages.

Cardinals arrive at the Vatican to select the late pope's replacement, but one flees to Malta in search of a fourth-century document. Meanwhile, Cotton Malone--in Italy on the trail of legendary letters between Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini--draws the attention of the legendary Knights of Malta. Unrated. 2019.

Metropolis by Philip Kerr

DB 94642

Read by John Lee. Reading time: 11 hours, 15 minutes.

Berlin, 1928. On Bernie Gunther's first day with the Murder Commission, a killer is scattering many clues, but each is a dead end. It's almost as if he is taunting the cops--and the press is having a field day. Kerr completed this novel just before his death. Bernie Gunther series, book 14. Unrated. 2019.

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

DB 94078

Read by Yangsze Choo. Reading time: 14 hours, 10 minutes.

1931. Houseboy Ren is tasked with finding his former master's finger in order to bury it with his body. In his quest, he crosses ambitious dressmaker Ji Lin, who moonlights as a dance hall girl to pay off her mother's mahjong debts. Their adventures take them far. Unrated. 2019.

The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict

DB 93756

Read by Suzanne Toren. Reading time: 8 hours, 57 minutes.

LP033431; 403 pages.

Vienna, 1933. While acting in a play, Hedy Kiesler--soon to be Hedy Lamarr--draws the attention of industrialist Friedrich Mandl. Her beauty and marriage to Friedrich save her from the Nazis, and she eventually flees to Hollywood. But her true passion is science and inventing. Unrated. Bestseller. 2019.

The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg

DB 93984

Read by Xe Sands. Reading time: 8 hours, 36 minutes.

Living alone in a Stockholm apartment, ninety-six-year-old Doris pages through the address book she was given as a child. She writes down memories of the people who were entries in her book and important in her life. Translated from Swedish. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2019.

A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer

DB 94639

Read by Pilar Witherspoon. Reading time: 12 hours, 3 minutes.

During the 1895 Cotton Exposition in Atlanta, Laurel Millard takes a position operating a silk loom in hopes of finding a rich husband. She meets Langdon Rochester, whose wealthy family orders him to marry or be disinherited. But she also meets and befriends security guard Willie Sharp. Unrated. 2019.

The Sky Above Us by Sarah Sundin

DB 94732

Read by Sarah Zimmerman. Reading time: 9 hours, 44 minutes.

LP033468; 545 pages.

England, 1943. Lieutenant Adler Paxton arrives at the air base of the US 357th Fighter Group determined to become an ace pilot. Violet Lindstrom wanted to work as a missionary but instead serves in the American Red Cross, arranging entertainment for the troops at the base. Sunrise at Normandy series, book 2. 2019.

A Song for the Stars by Iilima Todd

DB 94806

Read by Justine Eyre. Reading time: 8 hours, 10 minutes.

Hawaiian Islands, 1779. Maile, daughter of a royal chief, is looking forward to her upcoming marriage. After English sailors led by Captain James Cook arrive, Maile finds herself a widow instead of a bride. She takes Cook's translator, John Harbottle, prisoner, but they unexpectedly form a friendship. Unrated. 2019.

Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry

DB 94874

Read by Samuel Roukin. Reading time: 9 hours, 15 minutes.

Daniel Pitt is delighted when his sister visits London with her American policeman husband Patrick and their daughter. But Patrick's trip has another purpose, for which he enlists Daniel's help. A young British diplomat--accused of robbery and assault in Washington--has taken diplomatic immunity and fled to England. Daniel Pitt series, book 2. Unrated. 2019.

An Unconditional Freedom by Alyssa Cole

DB 94121

Read by Karen Chilton. Reading time: 10 hours, 55 minutes.

Daniel Cumberland's experiences of being kidnapped and sold into slavery still haunt him. He becomes a spy for the Loyal League, hoping for revenge, and is teamed up with Janeta Sanchez, the daughter of a Cuban plantation owner. Loyal League series, book 3. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2019.

The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen

DB 94168

Read by Saskia Maarleveld. Reading time: 10 hours, 22 minutes.

1918. Emily dearly wishes to contribute more to the war effort, but her parents keep her close to home. She develops a relationship with injured flyer Robbie, but the war interferes and Emily must forge her own future--while pregnant and single. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2019.

We Must Be Brave by Frances Liardet

DB 94084

Read by Juliet Mills. Reading time: 16 hours, 9 minutes.

While fleeing the bombing in Southampton, Ellen Parr discovers an abandoned child sleeping on the bus. Though she has no desire for children, she takes the girl, Pamela, into her home. Pamela soon worms her way into Ellen's heart--until they are separated. Unrated. 2019.

Who Slays the Wicked by C. S. Harris

DB 94558

Read by Davina Porter. Reading time: 10 hours, 47 minutes.

Sebastian St. Cyr is tasked with finding the killer of Anthony Ledger, Viscount Ashworth, whom he encountered in Where the Dead Lie (DB  88031)--and is the husband of Sebastian's niece, Stephanie. With Stephanie one of the prime suspects, Sebastian races against time. Sebastian series, book 14. Unrated. 2019.