Welcome to Wolfner Library's
Youth Summer Reading Club


A Universe of Stories

 child floating in space listening to space audio


Who is eligible?
Wolfner Library patrons ages 18 and under.

How do I register? 
Register online at http://sgiz.mobi/s3/Wolfner-Library-2019-Youth-Summer-Reading-Club

What happens after I register? Wolfner Library will send you a packet with information on how to participate and a way to keep track of time read. You do not have to use what is in the packet.

How do I participate? 
First register, then keep track of your time read between May 30 and July 30, and contact Wolfner Library with your total time between July 30 and August 12.

Do I have to read certain books? No. You can read or listen to whatever you want! Being read to also counts toward total reading time.

How do I enter for the grand prize drawing?
 Between July 30 and August 12, fill out the online form at http://sgiz.mobi/s3/2019-SRC-Time-Submission or contact the Youth Services Librarian via email or phone (1-800-392-2614).


Want to add more to your reading time without reading a book?

Try one of the activities below to gain extra time toward your total time read!

Note: Activities listed below are in developmental age group order.

Participants can do any of the activities listed below regardless of their age.

Contact the Youth Services Librarian for the answers or to request the activity in braille.


All Ages

  • Reading Preferences Upgrade (earn 10 minutes for filling out this survey and making sure you get the types of books you enjoy)

  • Space Poetry (earn 5 minutes for each new poem you create)

  • Tic Tac Toe (earn 10 minutes for your first vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line and 5 minutes for each additional line; or earn 30 minutes total for completing every task)

  • A Universe of Bingo (earn 1 minute for each task completed or 10 minutes for completing them all)

Birth to 6

  • Activity Log (earn 1 minute for each activity completed or 5 minutes for completing them all)

  • Songs to Share (earn 1 minute for each song or earn 10 minutes when you sing all the songs)

  • Sponge Ball Activity (earn 5 minutes for creating and playing with sponge ball)


7 to 12

13 to 18


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