Welcome to Wolfner Library's
Youth Summer Reading Club 

Imagine Your Story with an image of a blue Puss in Boots


Who is eligible?
Wolfner Library patrons ages 18 and under.

How do I register? 
Registration is currently closed. It will reopen in April of 2021.

What happens after I register? Wolfner Library will send you a packet with information on how to participate and a way to keep track of time read. You can keep track of your time read in any way you like. Use the tracker or come up with your own fun way to keep your log.

How do I participate? 
First register. Then as you enjoy reading or being read to, keep track of your time read between the start of the program, May 30, and the end of the program, July 30. Finally, contact Wolfner Library to submit your log with the total time read between July 30 and August 12.

Do I have to read certain books? No. You can read or listen to whatever you want! Being read to also counts toward total reading time.

How do I enter for the grand prize drawing?
 Between July 30 and August 12, fill out the online form at http://sgiz.mobi/s3/2020-Wolfner-Library-SRC-Time-Submission or contact the Youth Services Librarian via email or phone (800-392-2614).


 Want to add more to your reading time without reading a book?

Try one of the activities below to earn extra minutes toward your total time read!

Note: Activities listed below are in developmental age group order.

Participants can do any of the activities listed below regardless of their age.

Contact the Youth Services Librarian for the answers or to request the activity in braille.

*Participants doing the Gnome Coloring Sheet, Matching Shapes and/or Troll Matching earn three minutes for each activity. If a participant would like a tactile version of one of these or the Find the Minotaur,  contact the Youth Services Librarian.

**Participants doing the Find a Minotaur activity earn two minutes.



All Ages

Emoji Pictionary (Children's Book Edition)

Gnome Coloring Sheet*

Witch/Wizard Hat Craft

Wizard Charades


Birth to 7

Matching Shapes*

Troll Matching*

Virtual Storytime #1: Fairy Tales with Wicked Beasts

Virtual Storytime #2: Fairy Tales with Food


8 and Up

Fairy Tale Haiku

Find the Minotaur**

Naked Humpty Dumpty STEM Project

Podcast-Rolling with Accessibility: How to Make Roleplaying Games Accessible for the Blind

Tall Tale Mad Libs

Tall Tale Mad Libs (Screen Reader version)


2020's Themed Recommended Reading Lists:

Imagine Your Story (Early Readers)

Imagine Your Story (Grade School Readers)

Imagine Your Story (Tween Readers)

Imagine Your Story (Teen Readers)