Welcome to Wolfner Library's
Youth Summer Reading Club


Registration has closed.



Want to add more to your reading time without reading a book?

Try one of the activities below to gain extra time toward your total time read!

Note: Activities listed below are in developmental age group order.

Participants can do any of the activities listed below regardless of their age.

Contact the Youth Services Librarian for the answers.

Birth to 9

Senses in Nature (earn 1 minute for each item you find/feel/hear/smell; and earn 30 minutes if you find/feel/hear/smell them all)

Animal Sounds (earn 1 minute for every answer you guess correctly; and earn 15 minutes if you guess them all correctly)

Wee Ones Math (earn 2 minutes)


Birth to 12

Clapping Game (earn 5 minutes for each clapping game you create)


6 to 9

Little Kids Math (earn 5 minutes)

Silly Sentence (earn 5 minutes each time you create a new sentence)


10 to 12

Big Kids Math (earn 5 minutes)

This Jazz Player (earn 10 minutes each time you do a new fill-in story)


10 to 18

Musical Instrument Word Search (1 word found = 2 minutes, find all 20 and earn1 hour)

Music Journalism (Earn 30 minutes for each album/artist you journal)

Name That Musical (earn 1 minute for each correct answer; and earn 45 minutes if you answer them all correctly)


13 to 18

Famous Songsters of the 90's Word Scramble (1 band/singer found = 2 minutes, find all 15 and earn1 hour)

Genre Bingo (read 5 genres that are across, down, or diagonal to earn 1 hour; complete the whole card to add 2 additional hours to what was already accrued)

Hamilton Quiz (Each correct question answered = 2 minutes, answer all 25 correctly and earn 1 hour and 30 minutes)


National Library Service's Music Section



2018's Themed Recommended Reading Lists 




Who is eligible? Wolfner Library patrons ages 18 and under.

How do I register? 
Registration is currently closed. New registration will open again in April.

What happens after I register? Wolfner Library will send you a packet with information on how to participate and a way to keep track of time read. You do not have to use what is in the packet.

How do I participate? 
First register, then keep track of your time read between May 30 and July 30, and contact Wolfner Library with your total time between July 30 and August 12.

Do I have to read certain books? No. You can read or listen to whatever you want! Being read to also counts toward total reading time.

How do I enter for the grand prize drawing?
Contact Wolfner Library between July 30 and August 12 with your total time read.