Wolfner :: Strategic Plan

Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library

Strategic Plan, 2018-2021


Library Mission

The mission of Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library is to provide informational and recreational materials in large print, braille and audio formats free of charge to Missourians who are unable to use standard print materials due to blindness, visual or physical impairment, or a reading disability.  Wolfner Library also provides disability-related information to the public.


Goal Area: Outreach and Awareness

Goal: Wolfner Library has an awareness of the importance of access to the library materials, both physically and visually, for our user base.


1. Build community partnerships with local agencies statewide

2. Create and implement a statewide awareness campaign

3. Implement an outreach plan to reach all eligible Missouri patrons, including those with reading disabilities and physical impairments


Goal Area: Patron Services

Goal: Wolfner Library provides services and resources to meet the informational and recreational needs of our user base.


1. Expand patrons’ access to audiobooks through use of alternative resources beyond those provided by the National Library Service

2. Develop better methods of communicating changes in and additions to services for existing patrons.

3. Create and implement more adult programming

4. Develop and implement formats for communication with patrons

5. Continue to work with the Missouri School for the Blind and expand our offerings to children and teens throughout the state


Goal Area: Technology

Goal: Wolfner Library continually monitors and promotes technologies of benefit to the low-vision and physically disabled community.


1. Develop a training program to familiarize all staff on the various patron-oriented technologies

2. Work with NLS to pilot new mobile device technologies (i.e., MOCA or refreshable braille units)

3. Expand recording capacity by increasing volunteer corps and making more booth hours available

4. Develop and implement a 3D printer project to produce tactile artifacts for Early Literacy kits, science kits, and adult programming


Goal Area: Organizational Topics

Goal: Wolfner Library will examine internal organizational practices and processes in order to improve services to patrons.


1. Increase professional development opportunities through attendance at local, state, and national conferences

2. Maintain Wolfner’s adherence to the NLS operating standards

3. Develop and implement internal communications processes to ensure all staff are informed of policies, procedures, processes and developing issues

4. Develop and implement a cross-training program for all staff

5. Develop and implement uniform policies/procedures related to existing patron services and for new services as they are introduced by NLS


Goal Area: Collection Management

Goal: Wolfner Library has developed a strong and current collection of materials to meet the informational and recreational needs of our user base.


1. Develop and implement a collections management policy that ensure the collections are current and meet the needs of patron

2. Explore alternative formats for reading materials to expand availability to the patrons, including alternative sources for existing materials (i.e., audiobooks)